Remnants of Hope in Our World

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The existence of good and evil are realities in our world. Evidence of both of these forces are seen all around us in bold living color for our soul to decipher. The heart of mankind is designed for companionship and intimacy along with hope in humanity.

Test All Things; hold fast to what is Good  Thessalonians 5:21

These remnants are the fruit and labor of what is defined by each individual’s heart as good.  If you are attentive and have a mustard seed of faith –   you will see the remnants of hope.

 “Evidence of Humanity”     

* A broken heart that never gives up on love.

* Dreamers who have made a lifetime of attempts to meet their dream.

* Elderly couple having dinner in a quiet corner holding hands.

* Someone sharing their lunch with a complete stranger.

* Generosity with your time and money. Shareholders of the heart.

* Adults with childlike faith and hope,  just because.

* Individuals who stand for something and not fall for anything.

* Someone who will stop and help someone else in trouble.

* People who help others without expectation of recognition or credit.

* Friends and family who love you boldly in all conditions.

* A person who inspires, encourages and invests in others.

Flickr friends

Flickr friends (Photo credit: Meer)

Capture the glimpses and move forward in the hope that mankind is still more good than evil, more truthful than superficial and posses the want to serve others. All you need to do is look, listen and take part in the hope that presents itself alive and  in everyday.

As the sunrise brings hope to a new day, the moon provides a peaceful closure. Just like a compliment can bring a smile to a stranger, a thank you can reciprocate a new relationship.

The light –  exposes darkness. And hope drowns out doubt.

Hope will always be alive in mankind.

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