So… Does Your Church Have Talent?





So Does Your Church Have Talent? Over the weekend 15 local community churches answered yes by entering their gifted candidates from their church in the show, The show was held at University Of North Carolina at Wilmington, NC, Kenan Hall Auditorium as the 11th Annual “So does your church have talent?“#sdycht.


Excitement was building as the lobby quickly filled up when the doors opened to admit ticket holders. There were plenty of meet and greeters graciously welcoming the packed house of supporters.







The lobby was presented by the show producers and the opportunity to learn more about the origin of the event, make donations or purchase fine gifts.










The talent show has grown in participation from its small beginnings to representatives of over fifteen churches. Most of the churches are part of the local Wilmington community with one church, traveling over 200 miles to be a part of the event.

With the auditorium full, the participants in place, the event opens with a prayer and the show begins.







So the show begins and the talent emerges. Technique, expertise and energy in unison were in full swing. So much talent!

Here are some moments from the show. Enjoy :))















A little dancing in the aisles… Future contestants.










































The coordinator, volunteers, planners, participants and all those who came out to support the So Does Your Church Have Talent event #sdycht contributed to the success.

So… Does Your Church Have Talent? If so, get them involved and signed up for next year. It’s a fun event to support.

Happy trails
Donna George



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