Sunset on horizon, beach, white caps

Sunset on the horizon

This is one of my favorites. At the close of the day as the earth darkens, the ocean is exquisite.

Shell Island Wrightsville Beach NC

Shell Island, Wrightsville Beach, NC

The sky is just as majestic as the sea and the dunes reflects its glory. 

Beach, Sand, empty bench, dune


Perfect way to start the day and refresh your mind, also a grand way to end the day :)).

The Ocean.  Like a chameleon, the ocean is forever changing colors. Silver at dawn, blue at noon, and pink at sunset. Always intriguing, beautiful and endless. Smooth, ruffled or velvety, but never silent.


Big Blue, it’s always been you…

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One of my favorite places to get snappy and jump start my inspiration is Johnny Mercer’s Pier, Wrightsville Beach, NC

Can you think of a better place to spend the day? Let me guess, NO.

“For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), it’s always ourselves we find in the sea.”                                                      –  E.E. Cummings


No shoes, just bare feet. Sand is the earth’s most tranquil floor, smooth, grainy, and natural.The best way to experience sand is between your toes and anchored to your skin.


Sand Play

Who can resist digging around a little in the sand?


Follow the Seagulls

These beautiful,  little “beach ambassadors” are a natural backdrop for a day on the beach. Friendly and always hungry…

Seagulls on the beach

Here and there… Around the beach

Everywhere you look there is beauty and a reason to get camera snappy. It can be as simple as a glance or it might take a minute, but the perfect photo op must be caught behind the lens. Keep your camera ready, and easily accessible to “freeze frame” the unforgetables in  everyday life.

The Ocean

The Ocean

Beach Bench

Beach Bench

Find yourself a front row seat that inspires you. Writers fish for stories, fishermen fish for well… Fish and surfers wait for the best wave. What will you do?



Both of these photos were taken at Wrightsville Beach on the loop where everyone jogs (or walks). And yes, the views definitely help to keep you motivated and coming back for more.

We all need inspiration…

IMG_6325My Pom Cole loves the sand at the beach! Always ready to pose for the camera, a true buddy.


Bridges are a remarkable to connect us. And configure so beautifully. Maybe you would like to read my post about bridges, click here


Shell Collection

Shell Collection

I collected these shells from a beautiful secluded island serviced by ferry from Southport, NC called Bald Head Island, Maybe you’ve heard of it. It has gorgeous shells and stunning sunsets. What more does mermaids need?

IMG_2281 (1).jpgAnd here is Mr. Cole, the pompom… Maybe you missed it, I’m a pommymommy too. He’s the best!


Do you ever get to sail away, far, far away to a ridiculous, exotic places, no, me neither, have a jet ski and a small fishing boat, and once an overnight boat, but never a sail boat. I love the way they look in the background of the ocean. So serene.

14 thoughts on “Photography

  1. Wow! You are so talented. I always enjoy these blogs. And the pics! Oh my! You should have a second career as a professional photographer. Thanks for sharing the beach scenes. I so need to be there!

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  2. Love! These are fantastic photos Donna! I especially like the bench. I don’t know why that one speaks to me as there is so much more beauty in the water but something about that one makes me want to use it as inspiration for a painting! My New Years resolution is to do more non-commissioned art…..more art for myself or rather something that I am inspired to paint vs hired to do. If I do paint it, I will send it to you. Xoxoxo

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  3. Hi Joy
    Glad you like the photoblog section. My interest in photography has been growing. Finally learning some helpful tricks on my lens that lets me play around some. The beach is definitely my inspiration. The bench is my favorite spot to sit and read, think and write. There’s one on each street but I especially like the location of the one I posted. Color it up and send me a picture.i know when you get your inspiration to draw it will be amazing. Thanks for letting me know. Please share it 😋happy new year Joy!


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  5. I first visited Wrightsville Beach when I was a teenager…oh a very long time ago……….and most recently a bit over a year ago. Saw many changes over those years, but still it remains just a favorite coastal area of mine. Thank you for sharing this beach time. Your photos are just excellent. 🌍

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