The Beach Is Perfect: Crowds Are Gone Home

The beach is perfect: Crowds are gone home. Now it’s my time to explore. Breathe This could be me Summer still lives here for another month or so. Then for me, the walking season begins.   Dogs aren’t allowed on the beaches during tourist season so soon my dogs can enjoy the beach again. PureContinue reading “The Beach Is Perfect: Crowds Are Gone Home”

Surfer With Big Intentions To Find The Perfect Wave

Inspired by his determined spirit. Never giving up on the big wave. Falling Climbing back on Sounds like life I love to watch the surfers.  They come They wait And they ride. How about you? Are you still falling and getting back up? I am.  Happy trails.                Continue reading “Surfer With Big Intentions To Find The Perfect Wave”

Space In Between

In every city lives an oddity sometimes, a proverbial “space in between”. Some beautiful alley’s that many gather around while others never notice. Every alley is unique, marked distinctly in its own way from the street and life surrounding it. The width is different, the odors, and the structures that give it dimension all contributeContinue reading “Space In Between”