What Would The World Be Like Without Bridges?

What would the world be like without bridges? Primitive. These beautiful structures we often take for granted are miraculous structures that connects us in a million ways to places, islands, jobs, people, etc. I love bridges. It’s hard to find one that’s not interesting or lovely in its own way. Bridges are the “big connectors”Continue reading “What Would The World Be Like Without Bridges?”

Pier Fishing Under A Blue Moon

  Beach piers are very popular destinations on the Carolina coast. Growing up in a fishing port town, piers are a natural part of the scenery, a gathering place. They are typically built where one coastal town ends and another town begins adding revenues for that particular townships. I remember building sand castles under theContinue reading “Pier Fishing Under A Blue Moon”

How to Entice Yourself To Drink More Water

Summer is here, temperatures are rising and HYDRATION is important. Water is our ENERGY source, it’s in our tissues, organs, and cells. Keep in mind our bodies are 50 -70% water naturally. The variation depends on male or female, healthy or sick, DNA genetics and history. When we drink water our bodies naturally perk up andContinue reading “How to Entice Yourself To Drink More Water”