How To Turn A 1000 Piece Puzzle Into A Masterpiece

A fun and healthy hobby I enjoy with my family is putting together puzzles 1000 plus pieces. In this post, I will share some simple tips to help you puzzle faster and easier. I created photo journals during the process on some of my favorite puzzles, from the beginning process to the end. This isContinue reading “How To Turn A 1000 Piece Puzzle Into A Masterpiece”

Amazing Revelation At The Chiropractor’s Office

One interesting detail I have discovered from life so far, Chiropractic doctors have a certain mystic, unknown connotation attached to their services. Its strange, but when you tell someone you have a Chiropractic appointment, the silence is deafening. Almost predictable. Not that I’ve been to very many, in fact, only two in my life. The fact remains peopleContinue reading “Amazing Revelation At The Chiropractor’s Office”

5 Desires Of Every Heart

  We all have desires in our heart that keep us pressing forward to the next day. For some of us, they are upfront for all the world to see, screaming through our body language, waiting to be embraced by others. And for others, it might be buried in the clutter, long forgotten and removed.Continue reading “5 Desires Of Every Heart”