Tell Me Your Story

What’s your story?

Everyone has one and they’re all different.

Me? If you read my blog page you know I ditched the heels for flipflop & flats, the car for a Jeep and best of all – conference rooms for the beach. Lots of crazy things happen in my story, it took decades to unpack, but I don’t regret my decisions, at least not all of them. This is how I arrived at this chapter today.

The thing about chapters is change. There is always change, teaching us lessons about the yesterdays, last year’s and the tomorrows to come in the horizon. Lessons are just part of the story that moves us down the road to the next chapter. We get to navigate how

long we stay in a chapter before it’s over and who’s the other ppl there with us.

Do you love true stories, memoirs or do you prefer fabricated fictional stories? I’m interested in your thoughts, why? Well you know why, I’m writing stories, short stories and I’m changing chapters, looking for inspiration, direction and feedback. Does anyone still read books anymore? Prefer photo journaling or blog post?

What’s your story? Tell me…you have one.

What does the picture I took below mean to you, anything or nothing?

Happy trails & sign up with me

Get Some Sand Under Your Feet

Looking forward to a fabulous 2018!!! This is just my Beachy Point of View …

Happy New Year Everyoneūüí¶

Seven Reasons to Love a Beach Town


Seven reasons to love a beach town besides the sand, sun and surf are endless, particularly to locals. Now I’m referring to the natives and the year around locals (not to be confused with the summer, locals)¬†who come to town every year to stay for the season. It’s sort of like having a badge of honor, like an unspoken kind of respect. The kind that makes you feel a sense of pride when visitors tell you how lucky you are to live at the beach.

” If you are lucky enough to live by the sea, you are lucky enough.

There’s something unique, almost nostalgic about the feel of a beach town.¬†It’s not just about the crashing waves or the crisp salty air, it’s about the lifestyle of a beach town. It’s a lifestyle that centers around the beach and¬† celebrates the benefits of coastal living.


All beach town lovers understands the call and lure of the beach.¬†We all hear it, and feel it stretching over us like some kind of invisible liquid net binding us together in the calm and chaos of¬† ebb and flow. Some suggest we’re under the spell of a mysterious intoxication. Making the beach a place that sharpens our senses and builds a culture that juggles a perfect combination of¬†work, play¬†and charm, while it waits for the upcoming summer season.¬†

There are so many reasons to love a beach town. Let me count the ways (or just a few). The drive-on beaches, the boardwalk, the rides, the surfers, the beach music, the big waves, cotton candy, ferry boats etc. Okay, ok… You are getting the visual I can tell.¬† And did I mention the dialect of Uptalk?

Seven Reasons To Love A Beachtown

  1. The Beach. Whether¬†you’re an expert shell collector, sea glass hunter or an amateur¬†surfer, the beloved beach¬†is the destination. It never looks the same, always more beautiful than your last visit. The time of day, the weather, the pull of the tides and the wind all contribute to the constant landscape changes. It¬†never disappoints, compelling you to return as quickly as you can.
  2. Fresh Seafood.¬† Big Box Seafood places, nope, not really. They are pretty scarce in these towns and with good reason, Fresh Seafood is available. And you usually can get the options to dine outside. So yes, it’s a major privilege¬†to live in a seafood town, please don’t hate me for it, I can’t live without it.
  3. Water Sports.¬† Nothing compares to the great fun the sea provides whether¬†its jet skis, paddle boarding, kite boarding, surfing, bonfires, boating, fishing, scuba diving or just riding a float on a lazy hot summer day there’s so many options. Most of a beach town’s recreation revolves around great friends and water fun.
  4. Relaxing. Talk about a Win-Win, this is it friends! The beach town vibe is laid back and the places to sit and read are plentiful, not to mention inspiring. And nothing tops a beach walk while listening to the waves break on the shore and taking in the scenic view of the ocean. Whatever you enjoy doing is going to be better with a little sand between your toes.
  5. The People and the Culture.¬†The majority of the people who live in beach towns are accustomed to tourist from everywhere vacationing, bringing with them diversity and change and also lots of money to spend. Some of these same tourists ultimately end up relocating their¬†lives and family to be near the beach, contributing to the whole melting pot population. Tourist add to the culture by bringing a culture¬†of what’s¬†important to them and incorporating bits and pieces to the area. You’ll always find an interesting mix of people in a¬†beach town. From all over the world.
  6. Entrepreneurship.¬†You’ll find an abundance of people who have a¬†knack for¬†creating, maintaining and developing new businesses. Since most beach towns are away from the larger cities the lure of the coastal lifestyle is a big influence for individuals considering relocation. With these relocations comes talented, motivated people who launch new businesses and projects that adds to the overall good of the community. My past career took me all over the place, traveling was what I did, but some of the most interesting, creative personalities were the ones living on the coastlines. And some of the¬†happiest.
  7. ¬†The Summer Holidays.¬† I bet you thought I was going to say the sunrises¬†and sunsets, didn’t you? Well, those are spectacular and goes without saying, but I’m talking about the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and the first day of spring and summer. The special holidays that we hang on and¬† tuck away to lift our spirits on a rainy day in the future. The days we gather with our family on the beach to¬†celebrate family, traditions and enjoyment. No other places do summer justice like a beach town.

There are pros and cons about living¬†anywhere, it’s too hot or too cold or not the right opportunities for jobs etc… On and on, but the choice is clear for some.¬†There’s a passion in our soul to¬†be near the sea and will do whatever it takes to remain there.

What about you, got a special place you love?¬†If you’ve been called a beach bunny or a beach bum, you understand the beach town way of life. It’s a lifestyle I wouldn’t trade, would you?

Happy trails
Donna George


So… Does Your Church Have Talent?





So Does Your Church Have Talent?¬†Over the weekend 15 local community churches answered yes by entering their gifted candidates from their church in the show, The show was held at University Of North Carolina at Wilmington, NC, Kenan Hall Auditorium as the 11th Annual “So does your church have talent?“#sdycht.


Excitement was building as the lobby quickly filled up when the doors opened to admit ticket holders. There were plenty of meet and greeters graciously welcoming the packed house of supporters.







The lobby was presented by the show producers and the opportunity to learn more about the origin of the event, make donations or purchase fine gifts.










The talent show has grown in participation from its small beginnings to representatives of over fifteen churches. Most of the churches are part of the local Wilmington community with one church, traveling over 200 miles to be a part of the event.

With the auditorium full, the participants in place, the event opens with a prayer and the show begins.







So the show begins and the talent emerges. Technique, expertise and energy in unison were in full swing. So much talent!

Here are some moments from the show. Enjoy :))















A little dancing in the aisles… Future contestants.










































The coordinator, volunteers, planners, participants and all those who came out to support the So Does Your Church Have Talent event #sdycht contributed to the success.

So… Does Your Church Have Talent?¬†If so, get them involved and signed up for next year. It’s a fun event to support.

Happy trails
Donna George



Say It Ain’t So

 Legendary rocker Tom Petty singer, musician song writer gone at 66. RIP

A Simple Truth

There’s no ball and chain hooked to yesterday. Only in your mind does it exist

You are allowed to change. That’s the beauty of the evolution of life.

Do it.