Are You A Thalassophile, like me?

Counting the ways to love the ocean. Sea lover, ocean baby, surfer girl, water girl, wave rider, sea shepherd, life guard, sunbather,  hippie chick, naturelust, wanderlust, fisherman, mermaid, water splasher, sand castle enthusiast, writer, photographer, pier lovers, outdoorsy, the ones who prefers bare feet. Water sport enthusiasts, shell collectors, deep thinkers, peace makers… Who areContinue reading “Are You A Thalassophile, like me?”

Big Blue: Crowds Come To You

What a perfect Mermorial Day Weekend! The Carolina Coast luckily dodged the storm over the weekend making beach-lovers and vacationers happy. Nothing but blue, sunny skies and surfs up. Riptides rode the blue, but really – was there a storm really coming? This is a great little spot on the beach. A quiet section tuckedContinue reading “Big Blue: Crowds Come To You”

Space In Between

In every city lives an oddity sometimes, a proverbial “space in between”. Some beautiful alley’s that many gather around while others never notice. Every alley is unique, marked distinctly in its own way from the street and life surrounding it. The width is different, the odors, and the structures that give it dimension all contributeContinue reading “Space In Between”

Are You Grateful?

If you asked a thousand different people what it means to be “grateful”…..         ” you would get a thousand different responses”.                       Echos of all kinds of phrases, references, and descriptions would surface based on the background of the person who is asked.Continue reading “Are You Grateful?”