Amazing Revelation At The Chiropractor’s Office



One interesting detail I have discovered from life so far, Chiropractic doctors have a certain mystic, unknown connotation attached to their services. Its strange, but when you tell someone you have a Chiropractic appointment, the silence is deafening. Almost predictable. Not that I’ve been to very many, in fact, only two in my life. The fact remains people like to talk about their aches and pains and the choice of healthcare does arise in conversation.

Since I brought it up, let me tell you why I was visiting the Chiropractor. I have found writing torture on the lower back and neck, especially after a 30 year career of traveling, dragging around luggage, a few car accidents, and just life’s bumps and lumps. When I settled down to begin writing, my body started screaming in pain. I’m a lefty, so it started with tendonitis in my left elbow, and naturally, it traveled to other places in my body. Long story short, after inhaling much anti-inflammatory meds and several specialist, I find myself staring a skeleton model of a human spine at the Chiropractor’s office.

The good news is he can help with the pain by relieving pressure off the nerve being pinched. This comes by a series of adjustments to open the area where the nerve sits in that particular vertebra (please forgive my laymen terms). Looking at the spine model as he carefully explained the process and reviewed my x-rays, it all made perfect sense to me. I’m certain my back will continue to feel better and I can keep writing as usual.

The funny thing was while all the details and options were discussed, in a rather serious way, as it is serious, my mind decides to go on a rabbit trail. I hate when this happens, I try to reel it back, but I keep thinking, here I am, not employed – finally, and my back is hurting. As I stared at the bony form in front of me, I imagined a sort of humorous 3-D image emerging from the rib cage, aiming straight for me. A revelation began to take shape in my mind.

In life we need 3 bones:

Funny Bone
Wish Bone
Back bone

The funny bone to take everything with a sense of humor, not to be so serious. The wish bone to wish for all dreams to come true, (like the chicken bone),and the back bone to do another day.

My advice for writers or anyone with sitting jobs:

  • Stand up and move around often
  • Get regular exercise daily
  • Keep drinking lemon water to push out the toxins.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress. By the way, I prefer Chiropractic treatment over medicine any day. It won’t improve your pain overnight, but it’s a way to repair the damage without surgery and drugs.

What has your experience been with back pain, and methods to cope with the pain? Maybe you’re a longterm writer or you have an occupation requiring hours of sitting, with tips on how you escaped lower back pain? I’m sure others would be interested in your suggestions.

Happy Trails
Donna George