Simple Beach Day In January



A beach day is always a “happy day”. Took some photos today, you might enjoy.

I am looking forward to summer, how about you? 

A day at the beach restores the soul

I hope you can have one soon.

Happy trails

Donna George 

12 Essentials for “The Perfect Beach Day”


English: Keykubat Beach in Alanya.

English: Keykubat Beach in Alanya. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. Arrive early for the closest parking space.

2. Wear a cap, floppy hat or scarf                                    

3. Sunscreen, sunblock and lip balm for sun protection.

4. Comfortable beach chair with shoulder strap and cup holder.

5. Beach bag, lined to keep out sand and side pockets for phone.

6. Beach umbrella, in case of rain, leaving is not an option.

7. Comfortable ear buds for your favorite playlist.

6. A great summer read and a favorite magazine.

7. 2 beach towels, 1 for sunbathing, the other to dry off after swimming.

8. A six pack ice cooler with water and your favorite snacks.

9. Small bag of bread crumbs to feed the seagulls.

10. Scribble a message in the sand near your chair, just for fun.

11. Takes lots of photos to share with friends.

12. Stay as long as you can.

English: A Beach umbrella in Corsica

English: A Beach umbrella in Corsica (Photo credit: Wikipedia)