A Dogs Life: Woman Starts A Senior Dog Retirement Home For Unwanted, Older Pets

Dog, Mercy

Mercy, Yorkshire Terrier

I discovered an adorable video posted on I love dogs.com I must share. There’s a Senior Pet Sanctuary in Maryland, known as The House With A Heart that has inspired me to get the word out about their good works.

Sher Polvinale and a crew of big-hearted volunteers take care of dogs and cats who’ve lost their families, by no fault of their own. It’s a place set up for senior dogs and cats to live out there “golden years” in a safe, comfortable haven. As senior animals typically have medical problems, the need for money to purchase medicine is of great importance. I have a senior dog who is sick, and I know personally how the expenses add up for medicine and care.

To visit the website to learn more about the Sanctuary or to donate, you can click here for information.

This particular story stands out to me for several reasons that centers around a passion for animals, combined with heroic stories about random acts of kindness in humanity. It’s refreshing against the daily backdrop of so much negative in the news.

Pet Ownership Never Stops

Why I know pet ownership never stops? I have two senior Yorkies, Grace (14 years) & Mercy (13) and they have brought our family much joy over the years. Pet responsibility is a serious commitment of caring for your pet throughout the changes of the aging process. It’s not always fun and it’s sad to see your furry friend struggle with health issues as they age. It’s also tough to know when it’s time to say goodbye and set their little spirits free.

My dog Mercy has struggled with a collapsed trachea for 6 years. After years of MEDs attempting to ease the honking his pancreas failed. The little guy gets 2 insulin injections daily, 2 doses of hydromet syrup, and theophylline to help with the cough. Amazingly enough, he doesn’t mind the shots and seems to know when it’s time to get them. Three months ago Mercy lost his eyesight and his hearing is deteriorating quickly. With dedicated treatment and support from our Vet. Dr. Chris Coble and his team at the Port City Animal Hospital, he seems mostly happy. Mercy has multiple complicated health issues, but he remains steadfast with a strong will to live. Only in the recent weeks have we seen his health declining.

As I’ve been advised by many specialist including State Vet Hospital – when a dog loses interest in food it may be nearing the time to say goodbye. Mercy still has a good appetite and forgets about his sickness when he goes outside, but I know the time is near. I will not let him suffer in pain, however, I would never shorten his time for my convenience.

Animal lovers, like me and most of you (if you’re taking the time to read this) can never seem to explain these strong feelings we have for our pets. Love comes in many forms, invisible to the human eye, demonstrated by actions, responsiveness and behavior.

He has been my buddy for so long and the thought of putting him to sleep is almost unthinkable. …

The video is sweet and I hope you enjoy it. I know older dogs are not as cute or playful as the young ones, but they are ours, puppies, mid-life and seniors.

I have seven dogs, but each one is special and unique, just like us. Here are pictures of my pet family. The (4) Australian Shepherds are Father, Mother, and the two sisters…Have a favorite one?

Miniature Australian Shephard

Rizzo, Miniature Australian Shephard

Layla, Minature Austrailian Shephard

Layla, Minature Austrailian Shephard

Lizzie, Miniature Aussie

Lizzie, Miniature Aussie

Lizzie, Miniature Aussie

Noel, Miniature Aussie

Cole, Pomeranian

Cole, Pomeranian playing in the beach sand

Grace, Yorkshire Terrier

Grace, Yorkshire Terrier

And here is most of the gang, minus Joy – the white Maltese, RIP



And that’s our dog family…

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Woman Starts A Senior Dog Retirement Home For Unwanted, Older Pets – You Have To See This

Click on the link below to see the short video clip.


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