10 easy morning routines

Take a deep breath

Take a deep breath (Photo credit: geirarne)

Something big is happening with every breath you inhale. It’s called “ LIFE”. With every exhale, life is spent. Live your day – like it will be your last. Go Ahead, Take Deep Breaths.

  First things first;

1. Thank God for another day. (you safely returned to reality from the depths of sleep)

2. Say a prayer for protection and guidance before your feet hit the floor.

3. Look out the bedroom window to checkout the weather.

4. Head to the coffee pot or tea kettle. Be sure to program the night before.

5. Eat something. Hopefully oatmeal, it taste good, its warm and packed with fiber.

6. Hit the shower. While the conditioner is penetrating, do 30 squats on each leg.

7. Before you grab the towel, grease your body up in body lotion. Let it soak in.

8. Look at the fogged bathroom mirror and draw a smiley face with your finger.

9. Put on the clothes you picked out the night before and don’t change it.

10. Create a fun upbeat playlist for your morning commute to work or play.

Sound unrealistic? It’s really not, just simple routines combined with a little extra planning before bed. Mornings will be less stressful and days will be more enjoyable! And for all of the natural born early people who might be reading this – mornings can be hectic for us “night owls”. We need all the help we can get.