Blooming Azaleas Make Greenfield Lake Beautiful

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Every year blooming azaleas make Greenfield Lake beautiful place to visit in Wilmington NC. Lilac Wisteria and colorful Azaleas in red, white and pinks, set the mood for a perfect day in the park. Scattered throughout the park are gorgeous, stunning trees draped with moss and vines.

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Visit the Hugh Morton Amphitheater  for a full schedule of concerts and outdoor events for the spring and summer headliners.

If you aren’t interested in one of the events, the 5 mile running path in the scenic view might interest you. The bridges are lovely and the views are spectacular. Or why not try out a paddle boat and cruise around the lake for some old fashion fun.

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The Park is conveniently located just minutes from Downtown Wilmington – A must see destination. Take an afternoon stroll, plan a picnic or head out for one of the events. And don’t forget your camera! It’s…

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Park Connections, Photography 101 Day 6

Park Bridge

Greenfield Lake Park Bridge

Parks connect people. Everyday at parks, families, friends, festivals, parties and all kinds of celebrations are connecting people with each other. And sometimes it simply connects us with natures natural beauty.


Park Bridge

Greenfield Lake Park

Greenfield Lake Park Gazebo and Bridge

Happy trails,
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