Tell Me Your Story

What’s your story?

Everyone has one and they’re all different.

Me? If you read my blog page you know I ditched the heels for flipflop & flats, the car for a Jeep and best of all – conference rooms for the beach. Lots of crazy things happen in my story, it took decades to unpack, but I don’t regret my decisions, at least not all of them. This is how I arrived at this chapter today.

The thing about chapters is change. There is always change, teaching us lessons about the yesterdays, last year’s and the tomorrows to come in the horizon. Lessons are just part of the story that moves us down the road to the next chapter. We get to navigate how

long we stay in a chapter before it’s over and who’s the other ppl there with us.

Do you love true stories, memoirs or do you prefer fabricated fictional stories? I’m interested in your thoughts, why? Well you know why, I’m writing stories, short stories and I’m changing chapters, looking for inspiration, direction and feedback. Does anyone still read books anymore? Prefer photo journaling or blog post?

What’s your story? Tell me…you have one.

What does the picture I took below mean to you, anything or nothing?

Happy trails & sign up with me

A Simple Truth

There’s no ball and chain hooked to yesterday. Only in your mind does it exist

You are allowed to change. That’s the beauty of the evolution of life.

Do it. 


The Days Of my Life


Life goes by fast. Most days are uneventful however satisfying. The days and years are somewhere in a fog, except of course for birthdays, graduations, and significant happenings.

In fact, most of my days have come from seamless late nights of endless thinking and running my mind off the cliff with the “what if’s”. My days fly by, barely leaving a visible trace they began and ended.

January and December are the months I am more conscious of time. With January being all about innovation for the New Year and the time in my life that seems everything is washed clean, ready to start fresh. And December, the year closure point is all about the Christmas countdown of preparation and planning. These days are about the anticipation of a new hope to come.

Summertime holds my happiest days. All year-long I think about the upcoming season of summer. Visions of swimming in the ocean, which feels like liquid velvet in July. Sitting on the shore with your newest playlist blaring and a best-selling summer reads in hand. Those are the days I savor.  Those days are to renew my mind, body and spirit to move forward. The winter months are darker, but still hustling by. Days of bright sunshine are shorter. The days of winter are hard to get out bed in the mornings. The beach is good in the winter – filled with locals walking their dogs and surfers braving the cold waters waiting for the big wave.

Reflecting on the days of my life I see images in my head of good times, good friends and a full life. I have experienced epic love of all kinds that have inspired me to love others and to value my life. Take time to laugh a little every day and don’t be stingy with your hugs.


  • Write your obituary as a friend or stranger would read it.
  •  Apply the biblical principle “you reap what you sew” to your life.
  •  At the end of the day, ask yourself, “what did the day give to your life”.

Choose to be happy!

be happy

Be happy