Unique New Purposes For Beautiful Old Barns

Scattered across America, unique new purposes for beautiful old barns are being pitched, marketed and saved.

Old barn Ashe County, N.C.

Big working barn on Blue Ridge Parkway, Ashe County, N.C.

Amish inspired white barn, Ashe County, N.C.

Amish inspired white barn, Ashe County, N.C.

Old White Barn

Old white barn, Blue Ridge Parkway, N.C.

Inside old barn

Inside of an old barn

As the number of traditional farmers decreases, many barns are left empty and abandoned. According to the American Farmland Trust, over 72 million acres have been lost since 1982 and the trend is growing fast. These barns are easier to spot on country roads, roads less traveled or on the mountainside.

Thanks to resourceful ideators, the revival of these old barns is on the rise.

Old barn with American flag

Old barn with American flag

As the farming industry changes, so does the need to reinvent the barns. These faded glory iconic structures are being modified to produce cheese and grow vegetables like mushrooms, spinach, lettuce and micro greens. And organic farmers are hopping on the trend with barley, hay, wheat and blue corn.

It’s not just the food farmers redefining the use of old barns, but other industries like wine, animal shelters, and flower shops are quickly starting to emerge.

Barn weddings are taking place all over the country, offering the bride and groom more options to use a personal location. The casual wedding setting has been embraced by every generation, young and old. Wedding planners create a country rustic chic, by combining romantic outdoorsy beautiful details.

Barn wedding

Beautiful wedding table seating

Barn wedding

Country sophistication barn wedding

Celebrities such as Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, has greatly impacted wedding everywhere, not just country music fans. The old antique trucks, rope lighting and stuffing notes in mason jars have become mainstream at these weddings.

The hope is to save the old barns by continuing to explore new purposes for them. Have you given any thought to the old broken hillside barns you’ve seen recently? Maybe it was just a glimpse from the corner of your eye. Perhaps you’ve attended a barn wedding and considering planning your own event in a barn?

The ideas are endless. Do you have any?

Happy trails
Donna George