Finally, It’s Springtime

The magical season of Spring has arrived with all its rejuvenating beauty of pretty flowers, colorful tulips, and fresh newness in the air. Somehow, with the arrival of a new season comes the anticipation of excitement of a fresh start.

And the best part, winter is over!

My favorite part of Spring is more daylight hours and less darkness. Waking up when the sun is shining bright and your body feels more light climbing out of bed. I admit I’m not motivated by gray skies. Spring allows us to have more time to get outdoors and enjoy the weather. The benefits are endless:

Vitamin D, fresh fruits like strawberries and cherries, floral aromas like jasmine blooming, creativity, mood boosters just to name a few.

So bring on the happy and say goodbye to the blues of winter – remember the best is yet to come – Summertime.

Happy trails


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