Unbelievably Wise Fashion Guide For Everyone To Consider

1. Leggings As A Pant. They were never designed to be worn alone as a pant. Leggings are unbelievably comfortable and have earned their staple wardrobe value, but nonetheless they are add-ons to your outfit not the main event.

Pair leggings with a long top or sweater that unquestioningly covers your bottom when you are standing. A longer tops will create a modern chic flair to your ensemble.. A good rule of thumb to measure, place your elbow alongside your hip, let your hands fall down by your legs and look for tops that will extend to the area your hands reach.


2. Showing Too Much Skin. Trends like revealing belly V silhouettes tops are often worn by popular celebrities, therefore creating the demand to your favorite brands to stock up on the item. Did you know that many brands have the items on their shelves for you to buy within 3 days after their debut?

There is an old saying that suggests “leaving something for the imagination” is more alluring than showing too much. Call me “old fashion”, but I’m more influenced by the timeless style of #Aubrey Hepburn than anyone  in the modern – day culture.

deep V animal print top

3. Proper Fit. A big mistake of wardrobing, outfitting yourself in clothes that are too big or too small. Nothing accentuates a belly roll like “muffin tops” that are simply too tight and allows no grace for the midsection. In most cases, clothing worn too tight make you appear larger in size not smaller. Don’t get distracted by the number of the size, it’s an inner label, not a blinking billboard. Every brand fits differently and sizes vary. We could go throughout the list someday about this retail trick, but we’ll save it for another post in the future.

Clothing fitting too loose or too baggy is also a fashion blunder. Allow your outfit to show structure, style, and definite lines. Don’t loose your beautiful self in extra fabric and folds.

muffin top denim shorts

4. Age Appropriateness. The rules of engagement on “age appropriate clothing” has softened, however they do exist. Women and men are redefining these unwritten notions with good instincts and body conscious awareness boundaries. There are some relevant current blogs available online like glo.com for decade specificity.

As you know, girlfriends are always a great source for an honest option too.

If you can treat yourself occasionally with a stylist it will go a long way in helping you update, especially if you can bring them to check see your clothing. If this isn’t a possibility, subscribe to Elle, Vogue or More magazines and start reading about the trends and how to pick the ones that work best for you. Fashion magazines are packed with “how to wear articles” or you can be creative and shop the novelty racks like T-stands and 4-ways in your favorite stores. Check out the table items and notice what the brands have in stock depth. Keep in mind, fun, trendy stores like Charlotte Russe, Forever 21, and Wet Seal have the fast fashion, but the sizes are junior scaled. A contemporary fashion version of these trend setter brands has Missy sizes available (whole sizes like 2,4,6,8,10 etc.)  One of my favorite stores, H&M. They have a nice mix of basics, trends and pieces the working girl can wear to the office.

5. The Color & Fabric, Matter. You don’t have to be a textile major to get this one right, just let the weather guide you. We all know the better the quality, the better the product, so invest in a few great staple pieces you’ll wear often, that will last you keep its original shape. Inexpensive fabrics tend to cling more and reveal every bulge, especially in light colors. Pay attention to the washing instruction on different fabrics and be kind to your delicates like chiffons and silks.

A great pair of black trouser would be a perfect example of where to invest in better quality. Cheap cottons can knot up appear picked and usually shrink.  There are exceptions like tanks that are inexpensive and you can afford to buy several.

Color is important to keep your look smart. An easy guide to getting the color right is Pastels in the spring, bold colors in the Summer, warm palettes in the fall and darks in the winter months. I love the fashion exception of wearing pastels around the holidays – just choose a pastel with a winter weight fabric like a soft, fuzzy ice blue sweater and a white jean, perfect chic combo.

6. Don’t Get Stuck In A Lost Decade. Keep your signature style, but don’t get trapped in the past, keep it moving forward. Stay current. Vintage is a fashion route, but keep in mind 20 years is the magic number to qualify. Ask yourself, “how can I outfit this blouse differently than I wore it last year”?

Keep your favorite pieces and enjoy them, but update them with modern options, otherwise you might get stuck in a time vacuum. Oh no.

JANUARY is the perfect month to dig through your closet, purge what you don’t need and discover the look that will define you in the new year. Have fun and let me know how its going.

Happy New Year!

Donna George

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