Why Torture Yourself on Social Media Debating Race, Gender, And Religion?


Why torture yourself on social media debating  race, gender and religion? Within these social hot beds where grenades are flying and people are lurking from every nook and cranny on the web, be warned. If you hit the send button, you will become a target, likely, get attacked and left with scars.

Why? Everyones declaring war, insisting their opinion is right and demanding to be heard. Social platforms are raging with haters trolling for lone rebels to verbally devour by spewing words of hatred. Why are people so inflamed, divided? 

Race, Gender, and Religion carry many labels, beliefs, and opinions that run deep with each of us. It’s okay, we’re human, imperfect, a work in progress trying to be a better version of ourselves than we were yesterday.

Controversial topics on social media are trigger points, dark alleyways for angry, frustrated, disappointed individuals to vent and release strong emotions. I read comments on FB last week that made me happy, sad, mad and concerned. Even checking a few times to verify If I was actually friends with such persons who were capable of writing such horrible, mean things, especially about Christians or if they were a random visitor from my FB page. Yes, seriously, this is true. I, too, like many of you, have strong opinions about the sensitive subjects of race, gender and religion. In particular concerning Christians, who seemed to be under attack by the whole world. But with self-control in hand, I moved on and realized only elections can speak louder than the most popular FB post on the web.

As far as I can tell, the only power to affect change, (besides God) comes from the officials elected by the people. I finally came to this conclusion after making peace with the fact, that I can’t change anything except myself. So why let it steal my peace? No point in blowing up your blood pressure and torturing yourself over small stuff that won’t matter tomorrow.

What can you do when you feel helpless or lose hope??

  • Try visiting platforms on the web where your words can make a difference or convert your thoughts into action as a lobbyist. Here’s a thought – start a blog about your cause.
  • Submit letters to state legislatures or the powers at be.
  • Write articles to magazines interested in your feedback.
  • Take a deep breath, and be grateful for the freedom to make your own choices.

Other than getting to the polls to vote for the candidates who support your views – stay positive:)  and keep looking for happy spots to visit online.


Happy trails
Donna George

9 thoughts on “Why Torture Yourself on Social Media Debating Race, Gender, And Religion?

  1. Such positive thoughts Donna.. totally agreed.. social media should be used for sharing and connecting rather than getting into debates on such contraversial topics.. very mature thoughts.. proud of u girl 🙂

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  2. Thank you – it’s been negative out there. Just thought I would try to shine a little light. There is always hope and I don’t want people to give up on humanity and the spirit within us. Thanks for commenting!

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