25 Reminders: The Best Things In Life Are… Free?

Do you believe the best things in life are free? Up for a few reminders??

Contrary to what you might think, the happiest people in the world are not the millionaires, billionaires and Trumps of the world. It’s the ordinary, average people, like you and I, who are the happiest. Finding joy in the small things life has to offer, and finding happiness in the day-to-day simple living. A concept that is becoming non-existent in our culture as the stress of distracting noise becomes louder and louder inside our heads, and the quest to be entertained by the newest tech gadgets grows. I was there, totally caught up in all, for a long time. The thought of being stuck on a flight with a dead battery on my iPad was next to tragic. I craved the constant stimulus from devices never realizing it, until one day, my life became simpler. With simplicity comes clarity, and I learned a few things about myself that I had forgotten long ago.

There is no denying the relevance of money and the influence it has on our lives. It’s an important part of our survival, and brings many comforts. After all we need things, we want things and we want them now, for heaven’s sake! Only in retrospect, can I personally judge, this pleasure dependence on money, with the unnecessary things it can buy. How many red leather pairs of pumps can make a closet complete? How many purses in shades of pink was enough? There was always one more I thought I had to have…

Well, enough of my confessions, let’s get to the free stuff, the best stuff… And here are 25 reminders on my list:

1. The people in your life you love, and love you back.

2. Friends, especially close ones.
3. Laughter, belly laughs.
4. Animals that bring joy into your life.

5. Hugs, all kinds and sizes.
6. Prayers
7. Kind people.
8. Beach days


9. Snow Days
10. Every new day is a gift.
11. A hot shower.
12. Clean Sheets on the bed.

13. A good night’s sleep.

14. Reading!!!

15. Listening to Music
16. Star gazing and enjoying the great outdoors.
17. Teaching yourself something new.
18. A clean house.
19. Smiling :)).

20. Honesty.
21. Having people in your life who encourages you.
22. Believing in yourself.
23. Wildflowers.

24. The 5 Senses, touch, smell, sound, sight, and taste
25. Hope  (Hebrew 11:1) the hope of assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

I would enjoy reading your list. How do you describe the best of times?

Happy trails
Donna George

18 thoughts on “25 Reminders: The Best Things In Life Are… Free?

  1. Donna,
    What a wonderful transformation, all of sudden, your creative muse has exploded in one sweet post, many a times after reading your posts I surprised the creative blend you have, so, why you are not utilizing it most often??????????????????Think seriously over it………..
    Regarding my list, we both share many common items,
    6. Prayers
    1. The people in your life you love, and love you back.
    7. Kind people.
    8. Beach days
    13. A good night’s sleep.
    14. Reading!!!
    15. Listening to Music
    20. Honesty.
    21. Having people in your life who encourages you.
    22. Believing in yourself.


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  2. Exactly. I wonder why our nature is like that?? I try to write on happiness – I feel the world needs it but somedays I just want to scream :)). So I’m reminding myself too Dr. Sweetyshinde.

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  3. And Grandchildren. Definitely Grandchildren.

    You brought all of your skills together here Donna for a really cool post. Well done and thank you.

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  4. Definitely agree. I’ve focused on this recently myself. Have you ever watched, “Peaceful Warrior”? It’s an amazing movie. The focus on what is truly valuable and noticing moments. I found myself writing down all sorts of quotes.

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