Can You Taste The Salty Air?

Can you taste the salty air? Is it coming from the wind or the sea?

Taste and see.


Staring into the face of the ocean awakens every part of the human spirit. It feels like stepping into a postcard, and becoming one with the scene.

Instantly, the senses are awakened…

Visually the beauty of the sea is grand, alluring and exquisite. Forever changes, yet never completely predictable.  Nothing compares to this display of majestic magnificence.

The sound of waves knocks on the shore continuously, but seems to somehow recognize its boundaries. Pushing and pulling, breaking, rolling forward, and then backward.

The ocean feels salty, grainy, wet and could be compared to liquid velvet (if such a thing existed) or a giant comfy blanket. As the ocean holds the ingredients of serenity, the wind creates the motion and the sun provides the warmth.

Surrounding the sea like a massive fog is the scent of salty air. There is no other smell anywhere on earth that identify a place as profoundly as the salty air of the ocean. The smells and distinct odors of the ocean have been known to trigger and conjure up memories as early as childhood. Hmm.

What do you see when you are staring at the ocean?

Do you hear what I hear?

How does the sand feel between your toes?

Does the salty air remind of anything in particular?  

Happy trails,
Donna George




5 thoughts on “Can You Taste The Salty Air?

  1. Yes Donna, the surrounding of sea engulfs us and we get lost in the vastness of the sea…it is all encompassing. The rhythmic waves, the salty air, the volume of water, everything is there to make us feel dwarfed. We start looking at life differently when we stand in the seashore and reflect on life.
    Very profound thoughts indeed…

    There is small change I have moved to a new domain (, looking forward to exchanging thoughts from the new place.

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  2. Yes Nihar, you know exactly what I know about the reflection of the sea. It’s a beautiful thing every time.
    I will update your new domain address and hop over this weekend for a catchup read. I enjoy your writing and photographs. Thanks for stopping by Nihar.

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  3. Always my pleasure and lovely to share such wonderful ideas and thoughts with you. Looking forward to…
    Yes, reflection of sea and see sea through our different lens makes it wonderful to visualize the vastness and the sound of wave hitting the shore…

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