12 Smart Ways To Welcome The Dog Days Of Summer

First day of summer

Hello Summer 2016

It’s finally here, the first day of summer 2016. No matter where you live or where you go there is no escaping the heat. If you’re heading to the beach to kickoff summer its essential to stay hydrated for endurance. No need to waste a fun, play day with hinderances that could be avoided with a little preparation.

Summer is all about lazy pool days, spending time under the sizzling hot sun and having fun at the beach. Just find a spot with water and stay cool…


Beach, Ocean, NC beach pier,


While finding a place to get outside and enjoy the sunshine is a natural part of summer, maintaining a healthy fluid balance is necessary for proper hydration.

As the temps outside continue to rise, so will the need to increase fluids in your body. Feeling thirsty is usually an indication you are already dehydrated and have lost 1 percent of your body fluids. Fatigue feelings and cardiovascular issues can happen with only 2 percent loss of fluids. So use the heat as your inspiration to indulge on delicious fruits and introduce yourself to the gigantic, growing world of water options. 

Lemon water during the day and the sparkling at night works for me. Give the orange sparkling a try if you’re looking for a new flavor, its delicious! Go ahead and drink up…

12 Smart Ways To Welcome The Dog Days Of Summer

  1. Keep a small cooler filled with ice and delicious beverages in your vehicle religiously. It takes just a second to get ready and it can save your life, literally. When you’re running late or caught in traffic, but have no time to stop and get a beverage, you’ll be ready 🙂
  2. Get in the habit of wearing a good sunscreen daily. Protect your beautiful face.
  3. Hydrating food like yummy watermelon, cantaloupes, cucumber, peaches, apples, pineapples, lemons, and berries have a high water content and are loaded with nutrients that go to work for us. All of these fruits are made up of vitamins like A and C and are packed with antioxidants
  4. Save exercising for early mornings or late evening. Nothing can drive your body into a heat stroke like exercising during mid-day on a hot summer day. The hot summer dog days can put a monkey on your back that can keep you sick for days. No fun in that! Ditch the treadmill, but wait for the coolest part of the day.
  5. Get those indoor fans up and working to help circulate the air. Cleaning the blades can do wonders for your allergies and help to keep you cool.
  6. Keep your body hydrated with fluids. If you’re bored with plain water change it up to sparkling or flavored. There are so many options in the supermarket, just try something new. The #1 option is coconut water. Its full of electrolytes and great for your skin.
  7. Take advantage of the fresh produce and fruits at the local farmers markets.
  8. Drive into a gorgeous sunset. Its more satisfying than watching from a pier.
  9. Attend an outdoor activity like a lawn cinematique, a festival or a music event to make the mental connection to summer.
  10. Make a tie-dye tee shirt in bright colors.
  11. Create a summer music playlist.
  12. Buy yourself a big, beautiful new beach towel.

Red apple in the sand at the beach


Keep an open mind, experience new things and enjoy the summer!

Happy trails
Donna George


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