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The Beach Is Perfect: Crowds Are Gone Home

September 14, 2016

beach, shoreline, sea oats



The beach is perfect: Crowds are gone home. Now it’s my time to explore.




This could be me

Summer still lives here for another month or so. Then for me, the walking season begins.  

Dogs aren’t allowed on the beaches during tourist season so soon my dogs can enjoy the beach again.

walking and more walking

Summer never ends for sea-lovers. It just simply changes seasons.

Happy Trails                                                                                   Donna George

2 thoughts on “The Beach Is Perfect: Crowds Are Gone Home

  1. Nature at it’s best and being in the lap of nature and nurturing our senses, makes a perfect sojourn to living a beautiful life…
    Perfections and dreams, we all look for that perfect little world in our dreamland.
    Thanks for sharing!!!

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  2. Donna George says:

    So true what you’re saying, perfect sojourn
    – great reference. Nature is the world bigger than life, helps me to keep things in perspective. Good to hear from you 🙂

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