Big Blue: Crowds Come To You

What a perfect Mermorial Day Weekend! The Carolina Coast luckily dodged the storm over the weekend making beach-lovers and vacationers happy. Nothing but blue, sunny skies and surfs up. Riptides rode the blue, but really – was there a storm really coming? This is a great little spot on the beach. A quiet section tuckedContinue reading “Big Blue: Crowds Come To You”

Surfer With Big Intentions To Find The Perfect Wave

Inspired by his determined spirit. Never giving up on the big wave. Falling Climbing back on Sounds like life I love to watch the surfers.  They come They wait And they ride. How about you? Are you still falling and getting back up? I am.  Happy trails.                Continue reading “Surfer With Big Intentions To Find The Perfect Wave”

Space In Between

In every city lives an oddity sometimes, a proverbial “space in between”. Some beautiful alley’s that many gather around while others never notice. Every alley is unique, marked distinctly in its own way from the street and life surrounding it. The width is different, the odors, and the structures that give it dimension all contributeContinue reading “Space In Between”

7 Reasons To Love Street Fairs

Street Fairs are a grand, old fashion fun way to gather residents and visitors alike to celebrate a city’s traditional event. Street Fairs are typically part of a larger event that takes place (free to the public) in addition to paid events like concerts, parades, and garden parties, etc. One of the largest festivals in North Carolina happens toContinue reading “7 Reasons To Love Street Fairs”

6 Ways To Boost A Summery Front Door Entry

  Rumor has it the front door entry is the soul of the home. Now that spring has sprung and Summer is on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to rejuvenate  your outdoor entryway with a fresh makeover. The front porch of your home is the first chance to welcome your guests and make a lasting impression. YouContinue reading “6 Ways To Boost A Summery Front Door Entry”