The Beach Is Perfect: Crowds Are Gone Home

beach, shoreline, sea oats



The beach is perfect: Crowds are gone home. Now it’s my time to explore.




This could be me

Summer still lives here for another month or so. Then for me, the walking season begins.  

Dogs aren’t allowed on the beaches during tourist season so soon my dogs can enjoy the beach again.

walking and more walking

Summer never ends for sea-lovers. It just simply changes seasons.

Happy Trails                                                                                   Donna George

Seasons In The Sun

Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy. The sea to sit by gives me peace.

Happy trails.                                                        Donna George

Throw Down The Laundry And Go To The Beach

wrightsvile beach pier

Go to the ocean. All else can wait. Everything will be there waiting for you when you get back.

How can you resist the call of the sea? Where is the will power to stay home and do laundry or anything? It’s a call hard to ignore. Have you heard it before? 

There’s no regret once you arrive. It’s worth it!

Under wrightsville beach Crystal Pier N

And don’t worry over the weather forecast, they are wrong most of the time. And besides, if it rains you won’t melt :)).

If you get too hot there’s always the pier. A delightful spot to find some shade. Before you settle down on the beach, look first for a nearby pier and get closeby. The piers make for an interesting place to watch the different goings on, fishing etc.

Under Crystal Pier Wrightsville Beach
wrightsville beach side angle Crystal Pier
Underneath Crystal Pier Wrightsville Beach

Lie back and take a nap.

Pink Jelly Flipflops in the sand

Don’t forget your flops! The sand is super hot, so be kind to your feet.

Beach, Seagulls

Make friends with the seagulls. They are beautiful, friendly creatures and will gladly come and visit. They love to eat food from  outstretched arms. No fears, they don’t bite.

If you enjoy people watching there’s plenty here to entertain yourself… People  are sleeping, others quietly reading, many talking,   and everyones enjoying themselves mostly simply relaxing.

For me, it’s all about swimming. July is the perfect month for ocean swimming. The water feels like cool, liquid velvet swallowing your skin.

As the roll of the tide tosses you about to and fro, swimming parallel to the shore makes riding the waves smoother, and easier.

Experiencing “big blue” creates a state of calmness, openness, peacefulness and a great depth of happiness, often referred to as “the happy place”.

 A blue mind. Do you have one?

To stand in front of the ocean and watch the waves crash against the shore, and to feel the sand tug under your feet is to fully know that you’re alive. 

And this is the place that binds the soul by captivity with ocean forever. A relationship is formed that’s forever loyal, and dedicated to a certain kind of serenity not found anywhere else on the earth.





The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.


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Happy trails                                                              Donna George

12 Smart Ways To Welcome The Dog Days Of Summer

First day of summer

Hello Summer 2016

It’s finally here, the first day of summer 2016. No matter where you live or where you go there is no escaping the heat. If you’re heading to the beach to kickoff summer its essential to stay hydrated for endurance. No need to waste a fun, play day with hinderances that could be avoided with a little preparation.

Summer is all about lazy pool days, spending time under the sizzling hot sun and having fun at the beach. Just find a spot with water and stay cool…


Beach, Ocean, NC beach pier,


While finding a place to get outside and enjoy the sunshine is a natural part of summer, maintaining a healthy fluid balance is necessary for proper hydration.

As the temps outside continue to rise, so will the need to increase fluids in your body. Feeling thirsty is usually an indication you are already dehydrated and have lost 1 percent of your body fluids. Fatigue feelings and cardiovascular issues can happen with only 2 percent loss of fluids. So use the heat as your inspiration to indulge on delicious fruits and introduce yourself to the gigantic, growing world of water options. 

Lemon water during the day and the sparkling at night works for me. Give the orange sparkling a try if you’re looking for a new flavor, its delicious! Go ahead and drink up…

12 Smart Ways To Welcome The Dog Days Of Summer

  1. Keep a small cooler filled with ice and delicious beverages in your vehicle religiously. It takes just a second to get ready and it can save your life, literally. When you’re running late or caught in traffic, but have no time to stop and get a beverage, you’ll be ready 🙂
  2. Get in the habit of wearing a good sunscreen daily. Protect your beautiful face.
  3. Hydrating food like yummy watermelon, cantaloupes, cucumber, peaches, apples, pineapples, lemons, and berries have a high water content and are loaded with nutrients that go to work for us. All of these fruits are made up of vitamins like A and C and are packed with antioxidants
  4. Save exercising for early mornings or late evening. Nothing can drive your body into a heat stroke like exercising during mid-day on a hot summer day. The hot summer dog days can put a monkey on your back that can keep you sick for days. No fun in that! Ditch the treadmill, but wait for the coolest part of the day.
  5. Get those indoor fans up and working to help circulate the air. Cleaning the blades can do wonders for your allergies and help to keep you cool.
  6. Keep your body hydrated with fluids. If you’re bored with plain water change it up to sparkling or flavored. There are so many options in the supermarket, just try something new. The #1 option is coconut water. Its full of electrolytes and great for your skin.
  7. Take advantage of the fresh produce and fruits at the local farmers markets.
  8. Drive into a gorgeous sunset. Its more satisfying than watching from a pier.
  9. Attend an outdoor activity like a lawn cinematique, a festival or a music event to make the mental connection to summer.
  10. Make a tie-dye tee shirt in bright colors.
  11. Create a summer music playlist.
  12. Buy yourself a big, beautiful new beach towel.

Red apple in the sand at the beach


Keep an open mind, experience new things and enjoy the summer!

Happy trails
Donna George


Happy Fathers Day To My Dad

     My Dad

Meet my Dad. Let me tell you why he is special. His name is Samuel MIlliken, better known as Sam.And  he is Irish. He is the first man I ever loved – and still do. He loves his family more than anything else in his life. 

He always worked hard. Some of the places he’s worked are Southport Nuclear Plant, Sunny Point Military Terminal, drove boats in the ocean and owns a seafood market. 

Dad loves to build things, carpentry and such.He loves to fish, sing karaoke, spend time in church and socialize with others.        

He loves for his family to be with him. He loves the scriptures and spiritual books. Dad taught me the importance of faith as a cornerstone in your life.

He  loves sugary, sweet foods that his diabetes won’t allow, and on occasion sneaks a bite. And boy does he love sweat tea.

His favorite saying is “Shine you say”. You see, he has a big sense of humor. He likes to make people feel at ease…                                

My favorite things about my Dad is his gentleness, simplicity and his wisdom.         And I always know he’ll have a pocketful of sunshine if I need inspiration. 

What a blessing to have a great Dad in my life who made me shine on the inside and told me I was beautiful on the outside.   
 I love you today and forever❤️. You are the best!

   Happy Fathers Day❤️

   Donna George

Are You A Thalassophile, like me?

Counting the ways to love the ocean.

Sea lover, ocean baby, surfer girl, water girl, wave rider, sea shepherd, life guard, sunbather,  hippie chick, naturelust, wanderlust, fisherman, mermaid, water splasher, sand castle enthusiast, writer, photographer, pier lovers, outdoorsy, the ones who prefers bare feet. Water sport enthusiasts, shell collectors, deep thinkers, peace makers… Who are you?

A Thalassophile too, perhaps?

Happy trails
Donna George

Big Blue: Crowds Come To You

What a perfect Mermorial Day Weekend!

The Carolina Coast luckily dodged the storm over the weekend making beach-lovers and vacationers happy. Nothing but blue, sunny skies and surfs up. Riptides rode the blue, but really – was there a storm really coming?

This is a great little spot on the beach. A quiet section tucked away from the crowds. Shh, some details we don’t disclose.

The crowds came. And came…

The beach ambassadors showed up.

It was a perfect place to be.

Lumina News photo, Wrightsville Beach, NC

Happy trails                                                                   Donna George