The Beach Is Perfect: Crowds Are Gone Home

The beach is perfect: Crowds are gone home. Now it’s my time to explore. Breathe This could be me Summer still lives here for another month or so. Then for me, the walking season begins.   Dogs aren’t allowed on the beaches during tourist season so soon my dogs can enjoy the beach again. PureContinue reading “The Beach Is Perfect: Crowds Are Gone Home”

Throw Down The Laundry And Go To The Beach

Go to the ocean. All else can wait. Everything will be there waiting for you when you get back. How can you resist the call of the sea? Where is the will power to stay home and do laundry or anything? It’s a call hard to ignore. Have you heard it before?  There’s no regret onceContinue reading “Throw Down The Laundry And Go To The Beach”

12 Smart Ways To Welcome The Dog Days Of Summer

It’s finally here, the first day of summer 2016. No matter where you live or where you go there is no escaping the heat. If you’re heading to the beach to kickoff summer its essential to stay hydrated for endurance. No need to waste a fun, play day with hinderances that could be avoided with a littleContinue reading “12 Smart Ways To Welcome The Dog Days Of Summer”

Are You A Thalassophile, like me?

Counting the ways to love the ocean. Sea lover, ocean baby, surfer girl, water girl, wave rider, sea shepherd, life guard, sunbather,  hippie chick, naturelust, wanderlust, fisherman, mermaid, water splasher, sand castle enthusiast, writer, photographer, pier lovers, outdoorsy, the ones who prefers bare feet. Water sport enthusiasts, shell collectors, deep thinkers, peace makers… Who areContinue reading “Are You A Thalassophile, like me?”

Big Blue: Crowds Come To You

What a perfect Mermorial Day Weekend! The Carolina Coast luckily dodged the storm over the weekend making beach-lovers and vacationers happy. Nothing but blue, sunny skies and surfs up. Riptides rode the blue, but really – was there a storm really coming? This is a great little spot on the beach. A quiet section tuckedContinue reading “Big Blue: Crowds Come To You”

Surfer With Big Intentions To Find The Perfect Wave

Inspired by his determined spirit. Never giving up on the big wave. Falling Climbing back on Sounds like life I love to watch the surfers.  They come They wait And they ride. How about you? Are you still falling and getting back up? I am.  Happy trails.                Continue reading “Surfer With Big Intentions To Find The Perfect Wave”