Surfer With Big Intentions To Find The Perfect Wave

Inspired by his determined spirit. Never giving up on the big wave. Falling Climbing back on Sounds like life I love to watch the surfers.  They come They wait And they ride. How about you? Are you still falling and getting back up? I am.  Happy trails.                Continue reading “Surfer With Big Intentions To Find The Perfect Wave”

How To Turn A 1000 Piece Puzzle Into A Masterpiece

A fun and healthy hobby I enjoy with my family is putting together puzzles 1000 plus pieces. In this post, I will share some simple tips to help you puzzle faster and easier. I created photo journals during the process on some of my favorite puzzles, from the beginning process to the end. This isContinue reading “How To Turn A 1000 Piece Puzzle Into A Masterpiece”

5 Desires Of Every Heart

  We all have desires in our heart that keep us pressing forward to the next day. For some of us, they are upfront for all the world to see, screaming through our body language, waiting to be embraced by others. And for others, it might be buried in the clutter, long forgotten and removed.Continue reading “5 Desires Of Every Heart”

Dear Readers, 3 Surprising Ways To Be Happier Everyday

It’s Winter, gloomy, cold outside and the sky turns dark way too early. This is not exactly the kind of stuff that propels you toward the “pursuit of happiness”. I can share three simple tips that can help brighten your day, by offering you something to try. I promise, its super easy. 1. Wake upContinue reading “Dear Readers, 3 Surprising Ways To Be Happier Everyday”