Dear Readers, 3 Surprising Ways To Be Happier Everyday

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It’s Winter, gloomy, cold outside and the sky turns dark way too early. This is not exactly the kind of stuff that propels you toward the “pursuit of happiness”. I can share three simple tips that can help brighten your day, by offering you something to try. I promise, its super easy.

1. Wake up and be grateful, you’re alive, breathing and able to start over. Renew anything you desire, just by acknowledging it. Say it out loud so your ears can hear what your mind is declaring.


2. Find a quote about life you love, one that will inspire you to think bigger than yourself. Place it somewhere you will see it right away when you wake up. After you read the quote a few times, it will become a sticky note in your head. Make a decision to commit to work towards the goal of your quote. You can choose a quote for different specific life applications, like a quote that relates to work, fashion, friendships or family, but get started with a general one. This is one of my personal favorites…

Life quote

3. Woe girl, ease up on your expectations! When your expectations are too high, you could be setting yourself up for disappointment. And when this happens we can’t enjoy the good surprises life brings. There are only 24 hours in a day. Worrying about the “What If’s” of tomorrow, takes the fun out of today. Just do more of what makes you happy!

We all want to be happier, yet many of us find it challenging to achieve and even harder to maintain. Happiness has little to do with money, but more to do with the way we spend our lives and more to do with people around us.

Ultimately, it’s up to us to focus our attention on the beauty of life instead of the problems. Show a little gratitude, be intentional with your thoughts, and find a peaceful flow. You are smiling already :). I knew you had it in you, why else would you be reading a blog about “Beyond Extraordinary Days”?

just smileHappy Trails,

Donna George