A Dream Dinner Party For 8 Guests At Your Home, Who’s Invited?

A dream dinner party for 8 guests at your home, who’s invited? Let me set this up… You can invite 8 guests of your choice, to your home for dinner – sound fun? Play along and let your imagination loose. You might learn something new about yourself. Your guests must be alive and living todayContinue reading “A Dream Dinner Party For 8 Guests At Your Home, Who’s Invited?”

Imagine A World Where Loving Others Trumps Everything

Love trumps everything, Is that possible? Ask anyone in love, and the answer will most likely be, YES.. Does sound like a tall order in todays world? In my humble opinion, 1 Corinthians 13: 4-13 are powerful scriptures that begin with simple phrases, such as “love is kind”, elevating with contrasts like “it does not envy”. It’s hard stuff. IfContinue reading “Imagine A World Where Loving Others Trumps Everything”

10 Random Acts Of Kindness

If you are like me, when you encounter exceptionally nice people, or people who seem particularly gentle and thoughtful to others, you might take a mental note. I notice these type of exchanges at random times and places.  I am not referring to times of hurricanes, tornadoes, floods or just chaotic events, but just simple acts ofContinue reading “10 Random Acts Of Kindness”

Consider The Possibilities

Two little words… WHAT IF…Think of the possibilities. I can do this! I am doing that! It’s true, you can make your dreams, if you are willing to reach out and work for them. Most people have heard the quote “shoot for the moon, if you don’t make it, you will fall among the stars”. For someContinue reading “Consider The Possibilities”

Let Your Light Shine

Remember this old song “this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. Let it shine, let it shine”. Everybody has a light in them. It might be bright, dim, or turned off, but the great news is – it’s still present, don’t worry, the triggers in everyday life spark our light to expand orContinue reading “Let Your Light Shine”