Consider The Possibilities

sea oates

sea oats

Two little words… WHAT IF…Think of the possibilities.

I can do this!

I am doing that!

It’s true, you can make your dreams, if you are willing to reach out and work for them. Most people have heard the quote “shoot for the moon, if you don’t make it, you will fall among the stars”. For some people the stars are not the dream, so they press on… and keep trying, never considering giving up.

carolina beach sea oats

carolina beach sea oats

I believe that our dreams somehow keep us alive inside, inspire us to continue to hope and believe in ourselves. I love being around friends who are zealous for life, it’s contagious. It’s like a powerful energy that changes the atmosphere and makes me happier. I love the moments my imaginations jumps into full throttle and climbs to a peak and stops. It’s a magical place to travel, exclusively (only to you).

The key is to hold on to those dreams and impressions, get a plan together, and activate baby steps. Look for resources to help you and keep moving forward. you can look back, but don’t stare. Staring can cause you to stumble, procrastinate and doubt yourself.

dunes, freeman park

Think big! Personally, I like achieving the possibilities that once seemed completely out of reach, like pie in the sky.  I make myself little rewards for what I carry out along the way, The past is our road maps marked with boundaries that prepare us for what lies ahead. I like to think of the past as a warm up exercise that has me equipped for the future. I believe the best is yet to come.

Consider this, ” what if” I am right… Is there something you can imagine that you want to do? Have you exhausted all your possibilities? If you think you have – you probably have, but if you share my passion…we have just begun.

Tell me about the possibilities for you, I dream of being in a book store, as an author of a book, that bleeds my passion and changes the lives of the ones who read it. I have always imagined the scene like it was real, the place, the details in living color, even my outfit and red shoes.  Sometimes speaking it out loud will confirm it in your mind. What if…



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