Is Your Favorite Color A No Brainer, What Is It?

It’s Christmastime and your family, friends and associates are running around hoping to pick out the perfect gift for you, hoping to choose a color you’ll love. Is your favorite color obvious, a no brainer or will they be left clueless to spend precious time deciding between 20 neatly stacked color options. What is your favoriteContinue reading “Is Your Favorite Color A No Brainer, What Is It?”

Pier Fishing Under A Blue Moon

  Beach piers are very popular destinations on the Carolina coast. Growing up in a fishing port town, piers are a natural part of the scenery, a gathering place. They are typically built where one coastal town ends and another town begins adding revenues for that particular townships. I remember building sand castles under theContinue reading “Pier Fishing Under A Blue Moon”


Most of us remember the phrase, “did curiosity kill the cat”? And what happened to Jack when he climbed the gigantic beanstalk? Do you think his courage to climb a mysterious gigantic tree and ultimately end up in a giant’s house, changed him? Absolutely! Many of us abandon our curiosity when we become adults, leaving behindContinue reading “Curiosity”

Consider The Possibilities

Two little words… WHAT IF…Think of the possibilities. I can do this! I am doing that! It’s true, you can make your dreams, if you are willing to reach out and work for them. Most people have heard the quote “shoot for the moon, if you don’t make it, you will fall among the stars”. For someContinue reading “Consider The Possibilities”

Let Your Light Shine

Remember this old song “this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. Let it shine, let it shine”. Everybody has a light in them. It might be bright, dim, or turned off, but the great news is – it’s still present, don’t worry, the triggers in everyday life spark our light to expand orContinue reading “Let Your Light Shine”

12 Reasons Why I Have Nothing To Wear

If you touch one thing in my closet, whoops, another thing falls. I am one who knows how to pack a space. All of us are guilty of double hanging clothing on hangers simply because we accumulate so much stuff. Or either, we like to hold on to things – for all kinds of crazyContinue reading “12 Reasons Why I Have Nothing To Wear”