America Mourns The Killing Of 4 Marines And A Sailor In Chattanooga

With heavy hearts, the world sees terror unleashed on America’s finest, ending the young lives of 4 Marines and a Sailor, tragically ambushed in Chattanooga while on active duty at a military recruiting center.

 Fathers, Sons, Husbands, Marines, Soldiers, Patriots, Friends and Heroes…

To honor 4 Americans 4 Heros

American Soldiers


U S Marines

Carson Holmquist – Grantsburg, Wisconsin 
David Wyatt – Russellville, Arkansas
Skip Wells – Marietta, Ga.
Thomas Sullivan – Springfield, Mass.

U S Sailor

Randal Smith – Paulding, Ohio

We honor our military and their families with the highest regard. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.

In honor of Heroes,
Donna George