America Mourns The Killing Of 4 Marines And A Sailor In Chattanooga

With heavy hearts, the world sees terror unleashed on America’s finest, ending the young lives of 4 Marines and a Sailor, tragically ambushed in Chattanooga while on active duty at a military recruiting center.

 Fathers, Sons, Husbands, Marines, Soldiers, Patriots, Friends and Heroes…

To honor 4 Americans 4 Heros

American Soldiers


U S Marines

Carson Holmquist – Grantsburg, Wisconsin 
David Wyatt – Russellville, Arkansas
Skip Wells – Marietta, Ga.
Thomas Sullivan – Springfield, Mass.

U S Sailor

Randal Smith – Paulding, Ohio

We honor our military and their families with the highest regard. Our prayers and thoughts are with you.

In honor of Heroes,
Donna George

4 thoughts on “America Mourns The Killing Of 4 Marines And A Sailor In Chattanooga

  1. I live in Chattanooga, born and raised here. On Thursday I heard dozens of sirens where I work and we had no idea what was taking place until we saw it on social media and our local news. The past few days here have been one of shock and disbelief. We have also been proud of the response to the situation by our first responders, mayors and governor. Chattanooga has showed his pride in taking care of things. This city is amazing.

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