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Sleep professionals tell us the average adult needs seven to nine hours sleep every single day in order to stay healthy. However, they don’t specify the preferred sleeping shifts, its just assumed the early bird gets the worm preference. I am definitely a sleep advocate. I love to sleep, but not at night. I prefer bedtime …

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How to Entice Yourself To Drink More Water

July 13, 2013

Quenching Summer Thirst

Summer is here, temperatures are rising and HYDRATION is important. Water is our ENERGY source, it’s in our tissues, organs, and cells. Keep in mind our bodies are 50 -70% water naturally. The variation depends on male or female, healthy or sick, DNA genetics and history.

When we drink water our bodies naturally perk up and function healthy. Without enough hydration, it’s possible to become dehydrated with symptoms of fatigue and sluggishness. In some cases of dehydration, more serious issues can occur like severe cramping and strokes.

Yes I know, some people prefer soda or tea over the taste of the clear liquid. If you are one of these who prefer the cola, a sensible options would be to eat foods with high water content like melons, celery, tomatos and broth soups. Actually, there are several fruits in the supermarket containing 50% water content.


keep a glass pitcher on the counter or your work desk full of ice water and lemons to keep your eyes motivated and your tongue tart

only drink water with your meals, skip the soda and spare the calories

keep a six-pack of water in the back seat of your vehicle

always carry a thermal glass of ice water with you

create a cute basket of water flavor assortments and packets you can’t resist

keep a water bottle on your night stand by your bed

choosing water is less expensive than other choices

search out  and consume foods with high water content


* keeps our joints moving freely

* increases efficiency of the immune system

* energizes food – so the food can supply the body with energy

* when water reaches a cell it brings oxygen and forces the gases out to the lungs

* water prevents clogging of the arteries in the heart and the brain

* increases the shine in your eyes and hair, greatly improves skin hydration

* necessary to regulate body temperature

* without it, eventually death

Go ahead and take the plunge, commit to drinking more water, and be careful not to set a goal that’s unreasonable. Start your water regiment out with small changes in week 1 and by week 3 requiring more discipline from yourself. I would suggest begin  having water as the only optional beverage at mealtime and by week 3, set an alternative beverage limit for yourself, example only 1 soda per day.

In return, your body will work harder for you causing you to feel more energetic, look better. and ready for the dog days of summer ahead.


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