6 Reasons To Celebrate Being A Night Owl

night people

Sleep professionals tell us the average adult needs seven to nine hours sleep every single day in order to stay healthy. However, they don’t specify the preferred sleeping shifts, its just assumed the early bird gets the worm preference.

I am definitely a sleep advocate. I love to sleep, but not at night. I prefer bedtime around 3:00 am, but my current lifestyle allows a late wakeup time, usually around 11:00. It seems completely natural for my internal clock and seems productive for me, however everyone is wired differently.

Here are 6 benefits to burning the midnight oil 

1. REM sleep is more accessible for night owls.
When night owls do submit to sleep, it’s much easier to get REM sleep faster.

2. Night Workers are more creative people.
Research reveals that night owls who stay up late are able to apply non-conventional alternatives to solve issues more efficiently than early risers.

3. Night Owls score higher on the basic intelligence test.
However, the early birds counterparts usually get better grades.

4. No one is usually up to distract you.
Concentration flows better with fewer interruptions, no delivery trucks or visitors. And usually social media messaging slows to a halt late at night, most of the world is sleeping.

5. Sweet Freedom of no obligation.
There are no doctors appointments scheduled after midnight and most social events are usually over before midnight.

6. The Internet.
In case you didn’t know, the internet slows drastically after 3:00 am making a fast connection readily available. You can zoom from site to site.

No need to feel strange or weird to be wide awake when most people are sleeping anymore. Embrace your difference and take full advantage of the extra time, open the blinds and enjoy the beautiful night sky.

Night Sky

Are you up all night, is it by choice or insomnia? There is a difference in people who are “insomniacs” and people who are “nocturnal”. How have you taken advantage of your body’s internal clock? Do you wish you were part of the early bird gang?

Happy Trails
Donna George

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