Will Oceans Ever Rule The World?

The Ocean

The Ocean rules all her captives, submitting to her with an indescribable sense of smell, feel, and sound that intoxicates her lovers. Could it simply be the draw of the familiarity of her water, gently reminding us somehow of our “watery womb” beginning. Or maybe, it’s the stirring of strong emotions buried deep within us, hidden underneath all the clutter. Sometimes its awestruck, for others its fear, but the tranquility of her breath allows us all to float.

A place where your imagination is free to go deep, and deeper. And eventually swallows your reality and transcends to your dreams.


Mermaids are ruled by the ocean, shuffled by the surf and guided by the moonlight. Mistaken by sailors for manatees.

green sea

This is where I belong. How about you?


Happy trails
Donna George