Are You Waiting to Find A Message In A Bottle?

Are you waiting to¬†find a message in a bottle? You are not alone.   How many times have you read the best selling book Message in a Bottle written by my¬†favorite author, Nicholas Sparks? Or watched the movie version of the story released back in 1999? Once, twice, or so many times the DVD isContinue reading “Are You Waiting to Find A Message In A Bottle?”

What Would The World Be Like Without Bridges?

What would the world be like without bridges? Primitive. These beautiful structures we often take for granted are miraculous structures that connects us in a million ways to places, islands, jobs, people, etc. I love bridges. It’s hard to find one that’s not interesting or lovely in its own way. Bridges are the “big connectors”Continue reading “What Would The World Be Like Without Bridges?”