10 Influences That Encourage Risk Taking


A Balloon Works Firefly 7 balloon in level flight.

Are you someone who will risk injury or loss for excitement? Any human endeavor carries some risk, but some risks rely more on lady luck than others. Are you a low risk observer or do you find yourself first in line to try anything daring? Can you recall examples of intelligent risk taking and appreciate the value of those ventured decisions?

Understanding the consequences and possibilities of something going bad is quite simply, part of  the decision weighing process – considering if the odds are in your favor. While some people might be comfortable taking a risk with their finances, they find themselves conservative when considering the risk of bodily harm. While the majority of people overestimate the risk of something happening unfavorable, there does exist another population who embrace the possibilities. And risks are often influenced by what is happening around us, within our control and outside of it.

Ever wondered why you have never participated in a sky dive, rode in a helicopter, boarded a roller coaster or gone mountain climbing? Or consider how open you are to intelligent risk taking such as buying and selling stock, frequently switching jobs or even purchasing lottery tickets. Take a look at the 10 reasons why risk takers take the leap…

1. Peer pressure is thought to be a leading reason some people take risk. This is transparent among the teenage population who radically measure their self-worth by their friends.

2. Emotions move people to become risk takers. Someone upset or angry  is more likely to take part in a risk than a person who is calm or relaxed.

3. Vacations, birthdays, family reunions and social gatherings often turn up a few daring opportunities. Confidence is boosted by familiar surroundings and comfortable surroundings.

4. Alcohol numbs the body and slows the ability to think accurately. Many testimonies have been documented from intoxicated individuals stating if they had been sober, the outcome would differ. The cliché, “the alcohol made me do it”, has some validity.

5. Entrepreneurial are often huge risk takers and highly revered by their peers and colleagues.

6. Men are bigger risk takers than women.

7. Willingness to take risk slows down with age.

8. Where people work and what type of environment they are comfortable with. Someone who does construction work on high-rise buildings lives riskier than the one who works inside in a corner office.

9. Children from parents who are college graduates are higher risk takers than those whose parents did not receive continued education.

10. Lifetime markers tend to encourage people to wager a risk. It may be an anniversary of a special calendar date, new job, or a time when someone experiences big life changes or adjustments.

“A ship is always safe at the shore, but that is NOT what a ship is built for”      Albert Einstein

Risky takers are usually the life of the party and it’s important to have them in your life, just as those who favor conservative decisions. The balance of the two in our life provides a healthy balance to consider. That same balance, in our society, keeps life adventurous. Go ahead, think it over, and email me about the time you took your biggest leap of faith.

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