The Road Less Traveled

Thinking you might be off the beaten path, lost, or wasting time? Don’t turn around, keep going. Chances are, you may be feeling uncomfortable, confused or anxious about taking the scenic route when you knew the old way was a sure thing. Sit tight – these feelings are temporary and will pass. “Life is aContinue reading “The Road Less Traveled”

It’s a Winter Wonderland in the Smoky Mountains

The beautiful white snow fell this weekend and it was the first snow of the year in the NC mountains! The landscapes changed from the fall palette of oranges, reds, and yellows to a beautiful “Crisp White Winter Wonderland“. This is one of the Christmas Trees at the entrance to my driveway in the Smoky Mountains. TheContinue reading “It’s a Winter Wonderland in the Smoky Mountains”

Gorgeous Colors of Peak Leaf Season Change, in The Blue Ridge Mountains of NC

Last year I posted photos of the season change in the Smoky Mountains and I was flooded with emails requesting more shots, so I decided to post again this year. The views were majestic and the colors of the landscape were a tapestry of oranges, reds, burgundies, yellows and purples. All under the big beautiful Carolina BlueContinue reading “Gorgeous Colors of Peak Leaf Season Change, in The Blue Ridge Mountains of NC”

Tips to build a wardrobe, without a stylist

Tips to build a wardrobe, without a stylist by donnag-1 featuring a glass orb chandelier True Religion white crop Loose fit Mango black pants$25 – AG Adriano Goldschmied blue Jane Norman pants$64 – West Elm glass orb

7 Best Selling Books On Happiness: To Recharge Yourself

With Springtime here and Summer close on the radar, I gathered a list of the best selling books on Happiness for your consideration. Everyone desires to be happier, and to seek personal improvement in one way or another, so maybe a tittle on this list might interest you. Whether your reading preference is hardback, paperback, downloadingContinue reading “7 Best Selling Books On Happiness: To Recharge Yourself”

What is Saint Patrick’s Day All About

Across the world, March 17th – we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. St. Patrick’s Day is not just celebrated by the Irish, but also by the Irish at heart. Why do so many Go Green on St. Patrick’s Day, and why is it now an international festival celebrating the Irish culture?     It all startedContinue reading “What is Saint Patrick’s Day All About”

What Are 5 Great Gifts To Receive Or Give For Valentine’s Day

Love it or hate it… V-Day is here. A day commercialized around pinks, reds, hearts and chocolate, with high hopes of expressing love. It’s the relationship status that passionately influences opinions about Valentine’s Day, but there is no denying, that February 14 comes tagged with high expectations. There is plenty of pressure to be romantic andContinue reading “What Are 5 Great Gifts To Receive Or Give For Valentine’s Day”

Simple Random Wisdom

Did you ever wonder how some people seem so much wiser than others? There is a reason, its called LIFE.           Examine Your Life, extract the best parts, and share it with others. There will be all sorts of dynamics in the best parts that will help others, like: happiness &  joyContinue reading “Simple Random Wisdom”