This Is No Ordinary Life


Sharing my Life means, you support my quirks…you enjoy them and take part. I learned a simple truth from my camera – focus on what’s important and capture the good times, develop from the negatives. Then if things don’t go as planned, take another shot. When everyone gives up on me, hope whispers, try this.

belly laughter at least once a day.

I am always curious and ask a million questions.

love 20 second hugs. it’s silent acceptance.

suddenly, I like country music – what? Yes. “Florida Georgia Line”

deep conversations.

hot sunny bright summer days.

did I mention, the beach, the sea, the ocean, it’s liquid velvet.

family & friends, all of them – well almost

Jesus is perfect, my hero, role model and I’m not ashamed of my faith.

forever daydreaming.

sand between my toes.

random dancing, usually while cooking.

writing the pages of my life, in (pink) bold fonts with dragonfly background.

my phone might be attached to me.

still living on a prayer.

ballet is the highest form of art, the pen is next.

always thirsty for everything.

God is the perfect designer, no flaws, one of a kind prints – like DNA, fingerprints.

cry when I am really happy and I laugh when I’m blue.

my 7 dogs have taught me things – Rizzo, Lizzy, Mercy, Grace, Joy, Noel, & Layla.

some people are to professional for themselves, so funny.

life is a beautiful thing, cherish it, spend it with people who value you.

It’s the simple things in life that are the mo...

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