Ever feel hunted by the future?  Exasperated for more hours in the day? The raw

awareness that life is literally progressing in the very second you inhale breath.

This profound question puzzles every generation, crosses every culture barrier

and is no respecter of persons or statue. The future races towards us so fast, it

feels like we are in the middle of  a marathon competing for our time, our

decisions and our very life.

This pursuit of life conjures up complicated questions in our minds that have no

easy answers. So we start to exam these mysteries and decide how to move

forward, what belief systems to support. And finally, we decide how to live  in

contentment with our viewpoints and belief systems.

  Maybe you thought about these questions…

What is the most important thing in my life?

Who are the people who will be in my life forever?

How do I prioritize my time and should I?

Where is God and how does he influence who I am?

Am I experiencing life to my full potential or are my expectations too low?

How long will I live?


The things in life that inspire us, influence the decisions we make. These decisions

are huge, they dictate our destiny by positioning us for success or failure.

Influencers are often subliminal, not always obvious. A good reason to check

from time to time and see what has captured our attention. Reflect.

Successful (song)

Do you believe success lies in fate or just luck? I say neither. .. Success

comes through a serious pursuit of hard work, no shortcuts, and luck is short-

term and over-rated.  Quick rich schemes are non-existent.


I opened the door for exploration. I invite you to ponder your thoughts. I believe

we all have strong inclinations about the mysteries of life. For me, I look up,

within, through the faces of others, and I believe each and every person has a

purpose for being alive. A purpose greater than ourselves. Bigger than your job

and every dream inside your heart.


If you can answer the question above – everything else works itself out. The maker

of the universe is love. God is love. If we can work out our heart  issues, we would

be well on our way, to finding the real meaning of our life.

Author: Bagande


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