15 Time Wasters – Mindless Things We Do

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Mornings become afternoons, evenings chase the nights, around and around time goes. It seems to jet by quickly, Where is time moving and why is it moving so fast? Monday becomes Wednesday, Thursday marathons to Sunday. What becomes of our time? What do we have to show for it?

It seems hard to get the priorities checked off our daily list much less all the things we hope to carry out in the 24 hours. If you are like me, you may find yourself doing completely mindless acts. I started to notice myself doing this, smack in the middle of the moment, and asked myself, “what are you doing?”

So, I started to see other people to see if I noticed any strange behavior, and yes it was obvious. Life would probably be quite boring if we all ran around robotically performing 100% of our goals everyday, so don’t sweat it if you are engaging in the following mindless activities. Life is about living, finding our purpose and sometimes our head gets stuck in the clouds. As long as we don’t live there all the time, we’re good.


These time wasters seem pretty common. See if you can catch yourself participating in one of these time capsules…..

1. Opening the fridge and staring inside, like something new is there that wasn’t there 30 minutes ago.

2. Staring into space with your eyes locked up without blinking, just looking at nothing with a blank mind.

3. Eating…. just to eat, not to satisfy hunger.

4. Shopping on the internet, filling the cart and never making it to the checkout.

5. Allowing your social networking feed to constantly interrupt you while you are attempting to work. Hmm…guilty.

6. Daydreaming about impossible scenarios (my personal guilty pleasure). Oh yeah, like when I imagine I’m a premiere ballerina performing at Lincoln Center in NYC.

7. The all American family room addiction to mindless TV. The reality show is usually the audience. Personally, I actually like to watch “Lizard Lick”, a show about towing vehicles, how dumb is that?

8. Sitting in your car in the driveway, waiting until the song on the radio is over even though you have heard it a thousand times.

9. Window shopping when you don’t have money to buy anything.

10. Reciting conversations over and over in your head you want to start, but never actually executing them.

11. Hitting the snooze button on the alarm clock to save 5 minutes of sleep.

12. Being a “yes man to every invitation” you receive without consideration of other responsibilities

13. Worrying about everything instead of praying. Prayers can change things if God is willing to help you, but worrying is a killer and improves nothing.

14. Internet gaming and mobile phone addictions that keep our minds entertained 24/7 with basically nothing. I love my phone, but I hate games.

15. Maybe it’s just as simple as trying on 50 different tops to wear and eventually choosing the first one you tried.

The truth is we all must find ways to escape, to relax our minds, but moderation and balance is necessary to keep us productive. I would love to hear about your mindless acts, unless of course, you are one of the perfect ones who has no vices. If you are one of the perfect ones – tell me about how that happened and where you get the will power.

I told you mine – what is your mindless act?


7 thoughts on “15 Time Wasters – Mindless Things We Do

  1. We are all victim of wasting precious time, me especially, which led me to these thoughts. As I get older I get anxious about not getting as much accomplished as I wanted to in a day, but it’s all good because we try again. Thank you for stopping by my little corner :)). Nice to meet you Mrs_Daaku

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