North Carolina Mountains “Leaf Season”


The Great Smoky Mountains are famous for the beautiful color changes of the leaves in mid October every year. Thousands flock to the high country to catch a glimpse of the spectacular hues of oranges, reds, yellows, olives, and purples.

Fall festivals are in full swing, porches are picturesque with hay, pumpkins and cornstalks, and hay rides are everywhere. If you are not up for a hay ride, then try your luck walking through a huge corn maze.

The Smoky Mountains offer the perfect October getaway for all types of visitors and offers a broad variety of activities. You can hike the trails, visit beautiful waterfalls, ride the bike trails, fish the winding rivers, go horseback riding and do some serious rock climbing. My personal favorite – the Ziplines! 

I have some spectacular photos to share with you.









2013-10-12 04.54.02-1





And this is me, camera always in hand – thinking of you all and how I want to share these glorious views. I hope you can make it to these hills on one October.

3 thoughts on “North Carolina Mountains “Leaf Season”

  1. Love the beautiful fall pictures! I am going to Lake Toxaway, NC tomorrow and am looking forward to seeing the leaves change in person. Thanks for posting a gorgeous preview!


  2. It is spectacular to see. The air feels so good and the temps are perfect!

    Have a wonderful time – I’m about 2 hours from you :))

    Thanks for your comments! My fashion blog launches the last week of October, true to you, I’m excited and will send you some sneak preview photos.



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