Hello Summer!

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Summer 2014 is here! There is something about summertime that stirs up the nostalgic, awakens the spirit, and sparks the desire to head outdoors. For some of us, it’s a trip to a lake, or a walk by the river, but for most of us it’s the beach. And this is where the fun begins and memories are made. Summer days at the beach are like silent tongues in my head, reminding me of the nostalgic smell of the air and the feel of liquid velvet as the ocean falls over me.

My most vivid memories have always included the beach as a backdrop, simple things like floating on the waves, spending hours in a beach chair with my buddies, even the Coppertone suntan lotion in the brown bottle that reaps of coconuts and oils. Being surrounded by surf boards, huge blankets, coolers and radios blasting sounds from the past like Journey, The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac. Oh, and the competition of who would catch the most rays that day.

The seagulls. The pretty compact white and gray sea lovers that continue to mesmerize me with their song and beauty. I never tire of watching them or feeding them snacks from my hand. BTW, they love Cheetos.


photo (74)



Summer is about getting outside in the sun, experimenting and creating new interest. Unplug from social media and get outside with a camera. I take a camera everywhere I go, there’s so much I want to remember and journal. If you don’t like to explore with photography, use your phone. There are great apps available to add creativity and depth to your pictures.

Here are 3 of my favorite ones.

overgram – this application allows you to add text on your photo. (Color and font options).

Pixar Express – filter, overlays, borders, images with a professional touch.

diptic – build amazing collages, jumbo, fancy, classic, fun shapes and designs.

Still not interested in taking photographs, that’s okay, save it for a later day.


It’s all about “hot fun in the summertime”. Here are some fun things to do in the summer.

  • Ride a bike on a new trail. Explore.
  • If you have the room and a dog, set up a doggie spa area to pamper your pet.
  • Go to an outdoor movie under the stars.
  • Eating outdoors with friends
  • Swimming, skiing, paddle boarding, motor boating and boating – anything on the water.
  • Amusement parks and roller coasters.
  • Read a book in the park.
  • Go somewhere and people watch.
  • Try belly laughing.

The list is endless! Try something new and have some fun. Do you have any summer favorites?


Summertime has a way of firing up the taste buds for sweet treats. Some of my personal favorites, cotton candy and funnel cakes with white sugar on top, candy apples, watermelon, hot dogs and many more. I bet you have some too. What’s your summer treat favorite?


2014-06-11 19.49.06


Hello Summer! So glad you are finally here. Enjoy your summer and make every day count!


Here’s to the Extraordinary Days Of Summer

Donna George









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