Blogging U Photography 101, Day 5: Solitude


Moonlight Solitude. Full Moon

The moon is full, bursting with light, shining bright for all the world to see. Completely alone, in “Solitude”.

The moon is faithful to shine bright, right on time every night. Tonight, time moves up an hour, the moon already knows.

Happy trails,
Donna George

6 thoughts on “Blogging U Photography 101, Day 5: Solitude

  1. Donna;
    Yes, this is the kind of solitude we need sometimes in our life; and; imagine there is a beach, cool breeze in atmosphere, sweet sound of waves, no one around to disturb you internally or externally; just you and plain beauty of creator of this universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don’t you think this are the few moments of our life; where we feel the presence of GOD?
    Wishing you all the best……………

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  2. Donna;
    In fact; you have started the work and I just gave finishing touch to it only so, entire credit goes to the creator of idea, and that is you, you deserve due credit for such a wonderful post;
    I wish; due to grace of God life must be going well’

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  3. I had a fashion blog for a year and it got infected with a virus by bad ppl from Turkey. The server removed it from the web – I lost a ton of work, photoshoots and money.since then I decided to try something different.

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