How To Turn A 1000 Piece Puzzle Into A Masterpiece

A fun and healthy hobby I enjoy with my family is putting together puzzles 1000 plus pieces. In this post, I will share some simple tips to help you puzzle faster and easier. I created photo journals during the process on some of my favorite puzzles, from the beginning process to the end. This isContinue reading “How To Turn A 1000 Piece Puzzle Into A Masterpiece”

Did You Know Seagulls Are Clever, Intelligent Birds?

Did you know  Seagulls are clever birds? Whether you love them or hate them, these beautiful birds are crafty and highly intelligent. Growing up on the coast I’ve always been intrigued with seagulls. Their aggressive and bold behavior around people seem to contradict their graceful aerial movement and soft water landings. These fascinating birds initially onlyContinue reading “Did You Know Seagulls Are Clever, Intelligent Birds?”

Why Natural Seaside Oats Are Important?

The tapestry and subtle lines of the natural landscape of Sea Oats on the eastern seaboard coastline is both important and attractive. Variations of earthtone colors, sizes and textures line the beach banks in grandeur perfection. Paired with a backdrop of a blue sky and the big blue ocean – Extraordinary! Sea Oats, a living plant isContinue reading “Why Natural Seaside Oats Are Important?”

What Would The World Be Like Without Bridges?

What would the world be like without bridges? Primitive. These beautiful structures we often take for granted are miraculous structures that connects us in a million ways to places, islands, jobs, people, etc. I love bridges. It’s hard to find one that’s not interesting or lovely in its own way. Bridges are the “big connectors”Continue reading “What Would The World Be Like Without Bridges?”