Why Natural Seaside Oats Are Important?

sea oates

Uniola paniculata, Seaside oats

The tapestry and subtle lines of the natural landscape of Sea Oats on the eastern seaboard coastline is both important and attractive. Variations of earthtone colors, sizes and textures line the beach banks in grandeur perfection. Paired with a backdrop of a blue sky and the big blue ocean – Extraordinary!

Sea Oats

Sea oats

Sea Oats, a living plant is protected in most states due to its location and habitat. These beautiful plants help protect our shoreline by holding sand and soil in place during extreme weather events such as tropical storms and hurricanes. These plants can actually catch blowing sand, who knew?

Sea Oats

Shoreline Sea Oats

And let’s not forget that beaches are always moving which makes Sea Oats “endangered”. Occasionally, I see people attempting to pull the plants from the beach to take with them, not a good idea… They are an important part of the ecosystem that keep the natural habitat healthy.

carolina beach

Sea Oats

Beach season is approaching quickly, and thousands of visitors will pour onto the coastline to enjoy the long-awaited day offs and family vacations. Considering how brutally cold the winter, it’s predicted to be a busier than ever beach season. Everyone is ready for some fun in the sun and beach time.

The ocean is a tremendous gift, a treasure, positioned as the heartbeat of summer. It’s up to us, you and me to keep it clean and abide by essential regulations.

There is something everyone can do to contribute to protecting the beaches. Small things like disposing all your trash in designated areas. I cringe when I see people bury their cans in the sand or throw bottles in the sea oats. 😦 And be warned, I go ballistic when I see people smoking on the beach. (Where do you think they dispose of the butts? ). It’s so sad…

I am the crazy lady who might just speak up, yikes, yes. I can’t control myself. My vehicle displays a license tag that declares, Protect our Oceans. How about you? Can you think of a way to influence, protection of coastline treasures? Will you be visiting the beach, summer 2015?

Enjoy the coastline and take a second to look at the Sea Oats quietly on the sidelines, swaying and dancing, playing its part in the ecosystem.

Happy trails
Donna George

16 thoughts on “Why Natural Seaside Oats Are Important?

  1. Fascinating, very fascinating! What a great post. Thank You for sharing. Sadly I cannot remember the last time I went to a beach! Would be lovely to take the boys though. We will be sure to look out for magical plants along the shoreline, surely we have something similar in the UK.
    Have a wonderful night 🙂

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  2. Donna;
    There are many points in this post which needs appreciation and admiration.
    First of all; I am not at all agree with your statement that you are crazy person; and if you are the proper word should there is a method in your madness.
    Second; as in your earlier many posts you have mentioned that how much you love the beaches and it truly reflects in your writing the mermaid lady doing her best to protect her homeland.
    Third, you are absolutely right we must try to keep these types of public places as much neat and clean as much possible and that it the only way to see the pure beauty of it.
    Fourth; you have explained in detail about oats and it is truly knowledgeable for the readers like me.
    The same question I am asking to you; which you asked to your readers;
    “Will you be visiting the beach, summer 2015?
    Eagerly awaiting to read about it because, if you visit it, you will definitely post about it and through your sweet post along with some stunning images we feel that we are visiting the place with our friendly blogger named DONNA-Divine yet Dashing lady.
    Wishing you all the best………


  3. Donna;
    Thanks a lot for your prompt yet very precise reply; I know very well resting place of mermaid is beach only because they are not ordinary creature of this planet where every now and then see pollution on the concrete jungle of our modern world;
    I wish due to grace of God life must be going well…….
    Wishing you all the best……………………..

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  4. Donna;
    I always appreciate your spirit of living the life with fullest and this is what I like most about your overall persona; because, if we keep this only quality alive in our life most of the sad moments of our life can be turned in glorious moments of our life…
    Oh, by the way, I really liked your new images on your gravatar profile and here.
    Donna- Dashing, Divine and very Decent too.
    I wish, you will not mind my friendliest comments.
    Wishing you all the best………………

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  5. Best part is you are fortunate enough to live with your passion; and believe me it is always pleasant experience to enjoy all the natural beauty of this wonderful creator of this universe, like deep wood or forest, open sky, lovely beaches, but our of all beaches attracts most to the mankind; because, it offers you opportunity to be with yourself only and at the same time with sweet sound of waves you feel that there is someone who is talking with you in most sweetest sound of this universe, Isn’t it??????????????????

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  6. I am in total agreement with you – if you want to take the sea oats with you then take a picture….it will last much longer and then when you return to the beach you can once again enjoy the beauty in person. I am also a huge fan of “LEAVE NO TRACE” in other words what you bring to the beach you take back home with you and even better pick up after others who may have been less considerate and left a few things behind.

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  7. Yes it hard to restrain myself from saying something that might offend someone but It affects so many things from seaside to plants and the entire Eco system. So happy to find another blogger passionate about the sea. It’s bigger than us but needs our help to protect it. 🙂

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