The Road Less Traveled

Thinking you might be off the beaten path, lost, or wasting time?

Take the road less traveled

Take the road less traveled

Don’t turn around, keep going. Chances are, you may be feeling uncomfortable, confused or anxious about taking the scenic route when you knew the old way was a sure thing. Sit tight – these feelings are temporary and will pass.

“Life is a journey, not a destination”

Only travelers who have an appetite for adventure will benefit from the this kind of road. Others you might pass on this route are probably dreamers and risk takers. They are not in a hurry nor fearful of what lies ahead. Their radios are blaring and the windows are rolled down. The patrons of these roads are not deceived by the familiar patterns of life that disguises itself as a false sense of security robbing them from the true panoramic view. Instead, these roads less traveled are pathways of opportunity to be embraced, dreams to be realized, and spirits to be awakened.

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things”.

The popular, busy, heavy traveled road is frequented by the most. I wouldn’t call it a “happy trail” since most of the drivers are rushing and multi-tasking. How could it have expectations of an interesting journey when it’s referred to as the “beaten path”. Even when overhead flashing lights are blinking for caution and attention, the need to keep up with the pack is the only unction realized. So we stay with the pack, bumper to bumper, fearful of losing our place or God forbid – someone jumps in ahead of us. These drivers are all about following the traffic and conforming to the mundane meaningless trips. Sometimes even ignoring the rules, trapped in the comfort zones and blocked in on every side. Ignoring the danger signs all around them and insensitive to all the open exits available.

Highways choices

Highways choices

Occasionally it’s the detours that force us to the roads less traveled. Other times, it’s the crossroads that changes up the familiar route and provides a much larger view. A view that stirs up a tapestry of images that awakens the soul. Suddenly, in sight is “hope street” that leads to “dream avenue” and merges with “freedom lane”. The views are intoxicating and the everyday mundane becomes a distant memory blinded by a blue sky so big  it conjures up heavenly thoughts. Simple scenes like horses grazing in a field become images burned in our memories. Oceans and rivers absorb our beings with curiosity of where they begin and end. The smell of the salty sea absorbs our senses and releases memories of past vacations and childhood days of building sand castles.

Scenic lavender field

Scenic lavender field

It really doesn’t matter what road you are traveling. What really matters is if you are inspired by your daily view. Are you having fun? At the end of the day when you reflect back on your day – did it contribute to your life or take away. Consider these thoughts;

  •  Be open to take an occasional side road
  •  Be mindful of crossroads
  •  Be aware of the intersections
Use road at own risk

Use road at own risk

The road less traveled takes courage to explore and – know this  – most travelers never return to the mundane highways, but instead, become addicted to the lure of the journey on the road less traveled,

Happy trails

Scenic Route plate blue

Scenic Route plate blue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

3 thoughts on “The Road Less Traveled

  1. Hi Donna, I love this post. Reminds me of my fav. poem by Rober Frost. All we need is courage and belief in our selves to follow our dreams rather than the conventional ways 🙂 Brilliant post !

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  2. I love Robert Frost poems. I wrote it in 2013 after I stopped traveling/ working, it was packed with the new joys of being free and owning my life again, no corporate ppl breathing down my back or plane to catch. It was the raw, fresh and from the depths of my soul. Glad you enjoyed it – thank you!!!!!

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