Let Your Light Shine

Remember this old song “this little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. Let it shine, let it shine”. Everybody has a light in them. It might be bright, dim, or turned off, but the great news is – it’s still present, don’t worry, the triggers in everyday life spark our light to expand orContinue reading “Let Your Light Shine”

15 Time Wasters – Mindless Things We Do

Mornings become afternoons, evenings chase the nights, around and around time goes. It seems to jet by quickly, Where is time moving and why is it moving so fast? Monday becomes Wednesday, Thursday marathons to Sunday. What becomes of our time? What do we have to show for it? It seems hard to get theContinue reading “15 Time Wasters – Mindless Things We Do”

12 Reasons Why I Have Nothing To Wear

If you touch one thing in my closet, whoops, another thing falls. I am one who knows how to pack a space. All of us are guilty of double hanging clothing on hangers simply because we accumulate so much stuff. Or either, we like to hold on to things – for all kinds of crazyContinue reading “12 Reasons Why I Have Nothing To Wear”


Ever feel hunted by the future?  Exasperated for more hours in the day? The raw awareness that life is literally progressing in the very second you inhale breath. This profound question puzzles every generation, crosses every culture barrier and is no respecter of persons or statue. The future races towards us so fast, it feels like we are in the middle of  a marathon competing for our time,Continue reading “LIFE – LIVE – NOW”

This Is No Ordinary Life

Sharing my Life means, you support my quirks…you enjoy them and take part. I learned a simple truth from my camera – focus on what’s important and capture the good times, develop from the negatives. Then if things don’t go as planned, take another shot. When everyone gives up on me, hope whispers, try this.Continue reading “This Is No Ordinary Life”