How to Entice Yourself To Drink More Water

Summer is here, temperatures are rising and HYDRATION is important. Water is our ENERGY source, it’s in our tissues, organs, and cells. Keep in mind our bodies are 50 -70% water naturally. The variation depends on male or female, healthy or sick, DNA genetics and history. When we drink water our bodies naturally perk up andContinue reading “How to Entice Yourself To Drink More Water”

10 Influences That Encourage Risk Taking

  Are you someone who will risk injury or loss for excitement? Any human endeavor carries some risk, but some risks rely more on lady luck than others. Are you a low risk observer or do you find yourself first in line to try anything daring? Can you recall examples of intelligent risk taking and appreciateContinue reading “10 Influences That Encourage Risk Taking”

Friendships – Are They Real Or Cyber?

It is remarkable to surf through social medial sites and realize how many connections exist from one person to another. As a newbie to the wide world of social media – I was awestruck by the numbers and the attention the connection quantity number receives. It almost seems like one big marathon of collecting andContinue reading “Friendships – Are They Real Or Cyber?”

12 Ways To Celebrate Memorable Day

Memorial Day is an invitation to honor the men, women and families of the United States Military. 1. Celebrate with an activity that edifices the active and veteran soldiers. Remember the soldiers that gave their life for our country. This is also a time to thank the soldiers that are wounded from war. It isContinue reading “12 Ways To Celebrate Memorable Day”

12 Essentials for “The Perfect Beach Day”

  1. Arrive early for the closest parking space. 2. Wear a cap, floppy hat or scarf                                     3. Sunscreen, sunblock and lip balm for sun protection. 4. Comfortable beach chair with shoulder strap and cup holder. 5.Continue reading “12 Essentials for “The Perfect Beach Day””

Are You Grateful?

If you asked a thousand different people what it means to be “grateful”…..         ” you would get a thousand different responses”.                       Echos of all kinds of phrases, references, and descriptions would surface based on the background of the person who is asked.Continue reading “Are You Grateful?”