Are You Waiting to Find A Message In A Bottle?

Are you waiting to find a message in a bottle? You are not alone.

message in a bottle

A message in a bottle


How many times have you read the best selling book Message in a Bottle written by my favorite author, Nicholas Sparks? Or watched the movie version of the story released back in 1999? Once, twice, or so many times the DVD is worn and scratched?

Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it can. And just when you think it can’t get any better, it can – Nicholas Sparks

In short, it’s a story about a woman who finds a romantic love letter in a bottle washed up on the shore, and she tracks down the man who wrote it. The letter tugs at the heart strings of the woman who finds it and becomes obsessed with the deep love, sadness and struggle the writer describes for his lost wife.

The movie, (filmed mostly here in my hometown) has lured many hearts in search of a bottle with such a message. Ironically, each time a bottle is found with a letter or message of some sort, it makes the news. Finding bottles, containers with forms of communication from the sea has lined the shelves of many museums throughout time as sailors and travelers at sea have met tragedy. The world’s oldest message in a bottle, believed to be written by British scientist and washed up in Germany after 108 years of sea travel. The return address was the Marine Biological Association in Plymonth.

Why are so many people intrigued by finding a message in a bottle? Maybe its the popularity and attention author Nicolas Sparks book brought to the minds of readers. Perhaps it was the simple lure of the popular, romantic movie, coupled with beautiful ocean imagery combined with the popular star of the movie, Hollywood ladies’ man (at the time) Kevin Costner.  If that’s not enough bate to grab your attention, consider the populate band Police and the hit song, “Message in a Bottle.” That jingle will live on forever.

Whatever the reason that compels one to search for a message in a bottle, love and curiosity fuel the hunt. Have you ever looked for a bottle with a message sealed away inside? Ever found one?

The romance of the sea is intoxicating. There is nothing on earth that can conjure up images and feelings in the minds of people like the spell of the sea. What’s your story?


Happy Valentine’s Day,
Donna George

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Are You Frozen Yet?

Are you frozen yet? If you are on the east coast, you are seeing  a”white out” today.

And wait, there’s more to come! Like it or hate it, doesn’t matter. There is no stopping Mother Nature.

 This is a shot of the NC Blue Ridge Mountains  that gives you a peek of the snow resting on the range, looking completely different before the snow storm.

All the trees are loaded with snow. No doubt the trees are stunning, gorgeous, appearing magically, like decor additions to a winter wonderland of some sort. 
Over 5,000 flights were cancelled today, with most highway travel extremely treacherous and impossible except for interstates.

Many can’t get out their driveway. And the south is practically paralyzed, shut down.

It might be a day to stay in PJ’s, keep your snow boots close by and wait for the next snow dump that’s on its way.


A day that kids across the east coast relish to be outside, building crazy looking snowmen. All adorned with a carrot nose, grandma’s scarf paired with a top hat. Each snowman constructed with family fun and togetherness. Even the family dog enjoys the strange, powdery white stuff.

The blizzard of 2016 on the east coast is historically huge! Enjoy the view and be safe.

Make sure all the furry friends are not left outside, it’s way too cold for them out there.
Happy trails,
Donna George


Drift Away


It’s okay to not be okay, and drift away for just a little while. If you want to come back okay, just enjoy the drift…Take the peace and drink it in.

Go back again, and again and again and soon the calm will leave with you.


Happy Drifting
Donna George

Happy New Year! 2016 Has Begun


Wishing you all the best year of your life filled with happy surprises, great friends, much love and good health.

Happy Trails

Donna George

Can You Taste The Salty Air?

Can you taste the salty air? Is it coming from the wind or the sea?

Taste and see.


Staring into the face of the ocean awakens every part of the human spirit. It feels like stepping into a postcard, and becoming one with the scene.

Instantly, the senses are awakened…

Visually the beauty of the sea is grand, alluring and exquisite. Forever changes, yet never completely predictable.  Nothing compares to this display of majestic magnificence.

The sound of waves knocks on the shore continuously, but seems to somehow recognize its boundaries. Pushing and pulling, breaking, rolling forward, and then backward.

The ocean feels salty, grainy, wet and could be compared to liquid velvet (if such a thing existed) or a giant comfy blanket. As the ocean holds the ingredients of serenity, the wind creates the motion and the sun provides the warmth.

Surrounding the sea like a massive fog is the scent of salty air. There is no other smell anywhere on earth that identify a place as profoundly as the salty air of the ocean. The smells and distinct odors of the ocean have been known to trigger and conjure up memories as early as childhood. Hmm.

What do you see when you are staring at the ocean?

Do you hear what I hear?

How does the sand feel between your toes?

Does the salty air remind of anything in particular?  

Happy trails,
Donna George




You, Me, & the Big Blue Sea

A peek from my world, to yours.

Just you, me, & the big blue sea.


At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun.

Happy trails
Donna George