Are You Frozen Yet?

Are you frozen yet? If you are on the east coast, you are seeing  a”white out” today. And wait, there’s more to come! Like it or hate it, doesn’t matter. There is no stopping Mother Nature.  This is a shot of the NC Blue Ridge Mountains  that gives you a peek of the snow resting onContinue reading “Are You Frozen Yet?”

Can You Taste The Salty Air?

Can you taste the salty air? Is it coming from the wind or the sea? Taste and see.   Staring into the face of the ocean awakens every part of the human spirit. It feels like stepping into a postcard, and becoming one with the scene. Instantly, the senses are awakened… Visually the beauty of the seaContinue reading “Can You Taste The Salty Air?”

What Will You Remember About The Summer Of 2015?

What will you remember about the Summer of 2015?  The crazy shark attacks, the exceptionally hot temperatures or just spending time with friends and family. The summer season is officially over.  The tourists are gone home,  the kids are back in school and summer vacations are over.  But the summer still lives on for many of us who resideContinue reading “What Will You Remember About The Summer Of 2015?”