12 Ways That Separate Good Friends From BFF’s

       “Friends listen to what you say. Best friends listen to what you don’t say” If you are like me, you love all your friends and recognize how much each one adds to your life. Thinking about my own friends, I realize how many different kind of friends I am fortunate enough to have..Continue reading “12 Ways That Separate Good Friends From BFF’s”

Will Oceans Ever Rule The World?

The Ocean rules all her captives, submitting to her with an indescribable sense of smell, feel, and sound that intoxicates her lovers. Could it simply be the draw of the familiarity of her water, gently reminding us somehow of our “watery womb” beginning. Or maybe, it’s the stirring of strong emotions buried deep within us,Continue reading “Will Oceans Ever Rule The World?”

6 Reasons To Celebrate Being A Night Owl

Sleep professionals tell us the average adult needs seven to nine hours sleep every single day in order to stay healthy. However, they don’t specify the preferred sleeping shifts, its just assumed the early bird gets the worm preference. I am definitely a sleep advocate. I love to sleep, but not at night. I prefer bedtimeContinue reading “6 Reasons To Celebrate Being A Night Owl”

Amazing Revelation At The Chiropractor’s Office

One interesting detail I have discovered from life so far, Chiropractic doctors have a certain mystic, unknown connotation attached to their services. Its strange, but when you tell someone you have a Chiropractic appointment, the silence is deafening. Almost predictable. Not that I’ve been to very many, in fact, only two in my life. The fact remains peopleContinue reading “Amazing Revelation At The Chiropractor’s Office”

Imagine A World Where Loving Others Trumps Everything

Love trumps everything, Is that possible? Ask anyone in love, and the answer will most likely be, YES.. Does sound like a tall order in todays world? In my humble opinion, 1 Corinthians 13: 4-13 are powerful scriptures that begin with simple phrases, such as “love is kind”, elevating with contrasts like “it does not envy”. It’s hard stuff. IfContinue reading “Imagine A World Where Loving Others Trumps Everything”

Versatile Blogger Award

My appreciation to Helen Elizabeth, Good Woman for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. I stumbled upon her blog from The Commons and quickly realized her writing gift would keep me coming back for more of the story. Her blog is honest, fresh and sprinkled with nuggets of wisdom. I can tell you the Good Woman enjoysContinue reading “Versatile Blogger Award”

Express Yourself

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Express Yourself.” In response to the dailypost photo challenge to “express yourself” through a photo (without getting too personal), I decided to share three ways, I find inspiration, all in the same photo. This was not an easy task! I love all things sparkly, shiny, and pretty,Continue reading Express Yourself